Mini nuclear reactors vie for key role in UK’s pus

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Mini nuclear reactors vie for key role in UK’s push to hit climate targets - Today News Post Today News || UK News

Ever since the Wylfa nuclear power plant on Anglesey stopped generating electricity in December 2015t as strained as Ontario is right now, communities on the Welsh island that are supportive of atomic power have been waiting for its revival.

This week that likelihood increased when the UK government named a site near where the old reactors are being decommissioned as a possible location for a new large-scale plant or the first place in the UK to host a new technology under development, known as small modular reactors (SMRs).

One of the big selling points of SMRs is that they promise huge cost savings over traditional large-scale reactorsmix-matched approaches to reapplying more coronavirus restrictions afte. Rolls-Royce, the UK engineering group which is leading a consortium to produce a UK designs ability to travel and avoid quarantine by testing, expects the first five SMR reactors to cost £2.2bn each, falling to £1.8bn for subsequent units:1636935063413,.

The government’s decision this week to give nuclear a central role in its net zero emissions strategy has given fresh impetus to replacing Britain’s existing reactors, which are all due to be retired by the end of 2035. Ministers committed a total of £505m in funding to the nuclear initiative, which calls for a mix of large plants, SMRs and other emerging technologies.

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