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Chen Jian, party secretary and chairman of the board of directors of Yishang group Darun Hardware Machinery Co., Ltd.: Pan Jiadi cleared the inventory and created practical results

Tianjin North news: three years ago, Chen Jian was transferred to the party secretary and chairman of the board of directors of Yishang group Darun Hardware Machinery Co., Ltd. he was originally located in the office on Jiefang North Road, Heping District. At the end of last year, Chen Jian moved to a remote building near the outer ring road in Hebei District

"we decorated and moved here. The staff didn't understand at the beginning. Who doesn't like the downtown?" Geng Qingmin, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the company and chairman of the labor union, said, "but now they are calm, because everyone sees the bright future of the enterprise."

3 years ago, Darun hardware, after several rounds of integration, installed several business formats such as light textile city, hazardous chemical market, Pearl River Hardware City, etc. what Chen Jian faced was like a mess spread on the table - the asset liability ratio was more than 140%, and the accounts receivable "floated" outside for several million yuan, the most owed for more than 3 years, and more than 10 shell enterprises were under his control

optimistic Chen Jian led the team members to check the family background, clear the inventory and create practical results

"in order to revitalize the warehouse of Zhujiang Hardware City, we cleared out the old hardware accumulated for more than 60 years. In order to find a suitable buyer, President Chen went to the surrounding provinces to talk about business repeatedly, and cleared out nearly 30million yuan of stagnant inventory." Xiangziyin, manager of Zhujiang Hardware City, introduced

in order to recover accounts receivable, the company established a recovery group and set up a clear policy of reward and punishment. The test width is 450mm, and the effective stretching stroke is 800mm; The fixture of the universal material testing machine moves at a uniform speed at the rate of 100 ± 20mm/min; The minimum length of the clamping surface of the universal material testing machine is 45mm in the direction of the force. The pattern is fixed mechanically or pneumatically, and nearly 5million yuan of accounts have been recovered. The last account left over from history has also been mediated by the court and will be recovered in the near future

moving from "good" to "bad" office space is also a clever move for Chen Jian to play a good game of chess - integrating building resources and entering the rental market

"the original office space was rented to businesses to open hotels. The rent also includes steel enterprises, steel trading enterprises and logistics transportation enterprises. Jin earned more than 1 million yuan a year. After moving here, another old building was revitalized, and the redundant floors are now rented. Just renting buildings, we created an annual income of 15 million yuan." Muguilin, deputy manager of the company, said

Chen Jiandi 2: completely eliminate the air in the experimental oil pump. In the past three years, it has also reorganized 10 systems of Party construction, administration, finance, operation, risk control and so on, with limited investment in 6 items. It has organized the establishment of a fund settlement center, strengthened the intensive control of funds, repaid a total of more than 40 million yuan of bank loans, and reduced the enterprise's asset liability ratio to nearly 60%

"in these three years of integration, although the positions of employees have changed, they have not been laid off, their income is higher than in the past, and their mental outlook has taken on a new look." Liu ou, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of the company, said

in Chen Jian's plan, Darun hardware will not only refine and optimize the original Pearl River Hardware City, hazardous chemical market and building rental, but also extend its tentacles to new projects such as pet economy, grain and oil, clothing trade and hotel management, and strive to build Darun hardware into a 100 million yuan enterprise. (Jin Yun, Liu Ying)

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