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Uncover the secrets of kitchen hardware

manufacturers or merchants can often provide timely and convenient maintenance services when there are problems with high-power electrical appliances, large-volume cabinets... These products. However, if there are problems with kitchen and bathroom hardware products such as towel poles at home, after-sales maintenance may not be so convenient. At present, many families will choose high-end bathroom hardware kits to decorate the kitchen and bathroom space when decorating. Once these hardware parts have loose screws, hardware parts fall off, hinges get stuck and other phenomena, in addition to the lifelong warranty promised by the manufacturer, they also need to be disassembled by themselves, which can be described as "paying and contributing". Experts remind that although hardware is inconspicuous, it plays a key role in connection. Consumers should pay more attention to the quality and after-sales warranty of hardware when buying

hardware accessories are easy to buy, difficult to install and repair, and need to be disassembled by oneself

it is not difficult to buy a suitable hardware now, but the installation and maintenance purchased is the biggest problem that puzzles consumers, so as to stop the tensile, shear and compression tests of samples

After the rise of shopping, more and more consumers are willing to accept kitchen and bathroom hardware as a household item with relatively low unit price and relatively stable quality. Search the keyword "bathroom hardware pendant" on tmall, and there are as many as 9403 products. First tier brands such as Hengjie, Jiumu, Kohler, Moen and so on have opened official flagship stores in tmall, and the sales volume is usually about several thousand pieces per month

it is understood that the hardware pendant, like the ceramic tile wood floor, is also a semi-finished product and requires professional tools for installation. Once installed, it is not convenient to change the position. In addition, a shopping guide in a bathroom specialty store told me that the installation steps are different due to the different materials of hardware. Some medium and low-grade hardware are plastic plated with metal. Do not screw it hard during installation, otherwise it will be broken

however, a visit to huitailong, Dilang and other bathroom brands found that even for a set of bathroom hardware pendant priced at several thousand yuan, in addition to the customer's insistence, the store owner is usually not responsible for door-to-door installation, but the customer hires a master to help punch and install it or installs it with electrical tools after purchasing and packaging. Once there is a problem, consumers need to disassemble it by themselves every minute

Miss Zhou, who lives in changban happy home, told me that she bought a full set of pure copper chrome plated bathroom pendants at a brand bathroom hardware store at the end of last year, including bath towel rods, Towel Rings, glass shelves, toilet brushes, paper towel boxes, etc., with a set of more than 2000 yuan. After less than half a year, the rotating shaft of the tissue box fixed on the toilet wall with more than 400 yuan became loose and fell off, causing the tissue box to be unable to be fixed, and I didn't know how to deal with it. Miss Zhou called the store, and the other party agreed to return it, but she needed to remove it with hexagon screws. Although it seems easy to reduce the consumption of raw materials and energy consumption, Miss Zhou still couldn't dismantle it after a long time of tossing and turning, so she had to run to the electrical and hardware repair shop at the corner of the street to spend money. Please come to the master to dismantle it and send it to the exclusive store in an interview with plastic news in 2014

warranty is mostly within five years, but lifelong maintenance becomes paid service

how to solve the quality problems in the use of hardware? I learned that for the more complex and frequently used cabinet hardware, the current mainstream cabinet brands promise three to five-year warranty for hardware. During the warranty period, if there is a problem with the hardware, the warranty is free, and overdue charges are charged. Under normal circumstances, cabinets can generally be used for more than 10 years. If the configuration is low when purchasing, the service life of hardware will usually be two or three years, and the use and beauty will be affected without maintenance

in terms of bathroom hardware, the shopping guide of huitailong bathroom hardware Horse Club told that huitailong's bathroom hardware products generally have a five-year warranty period, and generally have a master come to disassemble them, send them back to the manufacturer for maintenance, and then come to install them. However, when telegraphic transfer was sent to Talon for unified after-sales service nationwide, it was told that the customer service department was not responsible for reporting for repair, and the repair of bathroom hardware products needed to be reported to the store at the time of purchase, and then handed over to the manufacturer by the dealer. In an interview, Miss Su, the customer service of Dilang bathroom tmall flagship store, said that if the screws loosen and fall off later, which makes the bathroom pendant unable to work normally, you can contact the customer service to buy new accessories

recently visited several home shopping malls and Yuancun cabinet street. Most cabinet merchants promise lifelong maintenance. However, the "lifelong maintenance" beyond the warranty period is paid service. Miss sun, a reader who lives in Fuli peninsula garden, told that the cabinet door in her home, which has been used for nearly seven years, suddenly couldn't be closed. After the dealer went to the site to check the situation, she said that the manufacturer no longer produced the track and needed to replace the products of the new manufacturer. Not only that, the new track should also be equipped with the corresponding pull basket. Therefore, the two sides reached an agreement at the price of 500 yuan. However, after changing the track and basket, the cabinet door still couldn't be closed

experts remind consumers to pay more attention to the quality of hardware accessories when buying products with high frequency of use such as cabinets. Although the hardware is small, as a connection point, its flexibility and service life are closely related to the use of the overall cabinet to a great extent. If the hardware is broken, the cabinet door will not open and close smoothly, and the track will be loose. In this case, consumers need to improve their awareness of details. While paying attention to the overall cabinet, they should also pay more attention to the quality of hardware and after-sales warranty

hardware "radiant" trick

for the common phenomena such as copper rust that occurs in the pendant under wet conditions for a long time, hardware products, like shells, also need ordinary care. If you don't pay attention to care, scratches and scratches are inevitable. After a period of use, the bathroom tripod and towel bar of many families began to dim, and even had a lot of copper rust and mottled. When encountering this situation, citizens may wish to try the following methods. Simple operation can make the hardware as bright as new

rinse with water and wipe dry with soft cotton cloth

rinse with water and wipe dry with soft cotton cloth first. Do not use any abrasive detergent, cloth or paper towel, and any acidic detergent, polishing abrasive or detergent or soap to wipe the surface of the product

clean once a week

use neutral detergent

due to the long-term residue of various detergent and shower gel used at ordinary times on the chrome plated surface, the surface gloss of sanitary hardware products such as faucets will deteriorate and directly affect the surface quality of hardware. Clean the hardware surface with a soft cloth at least once a week, preferably with a neutral detergent

the polishing liquid shall not contain abrasion effect

for stubborn scale, surface scale film and stains that are difficult to remove, it shall be cleaned with mild liquid cleaner, colorless glass cleaner or polishing liquid without abrasion effect, and then cleaned with clean water; Remove all detergent and wipe dry with soft cotton cloth

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