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JLG: the blooming secret of P & G's "garden factory"

JLG: the blooming secret of P & G's "garden factory", but the cost is still the most critical factor in the selection of materials

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"discovery of 'Jie' work" -- an activity launched by JLG (JLG), the world's leading manufacturer of aerial work equipment, to find JLG equipment, Not only let you see a lot of outstanding works that brighten your eyes. Moreover, it gives us the opportunity to explore the ordinary and moving story behind the work. P & G garden factory is one of them

the P & G factory located in Taicang Port Development Zone is the 10th factory of this global consumer goods giant in China, and it is also one of P & G's largest production bases in Asia. After completion, it will become a distribution center integrating production and logistics bases

under the guidance of P & G's long-term goal of sustainable development, Taicang factory will not only become an important market layout, but also become a model of environment-friendly factory. "P & G Taicang factory will be built into a garden like factory, which is full of fresh air, water and sunshine, as beautiful, delicate and full of vitality as a garden. We hope that every working employee can enjoy the natural beauty and rhythm, seasonal changes and garden like atmosphere". This is William, a world-famous ecological architect who is responsible for replacing deformation with displacement, which once failed to meet the experimental requirements for the conceptual design of P & G Taicang factory? McDonough's definition of this garden factory

high quality working environment starts from the moment when the ground is broken. P & G's "garden factory" has almost strict standards in construction. The first is safety, which must ensure zero accidents and zero injuries in construction. Therefore, P & G has invited Wally parson and Maxwell, two internationally renowned project management companies, to take charge of construction management, which have strict requirements for construction safety. In terms of the selection of construction equipment, the project management requires that all construction involving high-altitude operations should use high-altitude operation platforms for operation. This is not the only rigid requirement. Products of different brands also need to be further screened by the management. Lixingxing machinery is the main high-altitude operation platform lessee of the project. Yang Fu, the leasing sales director, said that the construction party must apply to the management party for inspection when the equipment enters the site, and only high-quality and stable equipment can pass the inspection. JLG aerial work platform has long been known for its safety and efficiency, and has been affirmed by the management. Therefore, from the initial steel structure construction, to the interior decoration stage, and then to the external color steel curtain wall construction, as long as it involves high-altitude work, you can see the bright "orange" figure of JLG

super stability helps the rigid structure to be completed on time

steel structure construction is the first step of the whole plant construction and the cornerstone of the orderly implementation of subsequent construction. The length of its construction period will directly affect the progress of the whole project, so the management requires that the steel structure construction must be completed within 3 months. In the face of such a large area of construction, the three-month construction period is obviously full of challenges, which puts forward higher requirements for the stability of construction equipment, and the equipment cannot delay the construction period due to failure. JLG's 860sj and 660s products meet the requirements of UHV transmission insulation structural parts; A production line of high-voltage and ultra-high-voltage cross-linked polyethylene ultra clean insulating material has been built. The j straight arm aerial work platform is the main model for steel structure construction. More than 10 orange aerial work platforms are active on the construction site day and night, becoming a beautiful scenic spot on the construction site. During the whole three months of construction, JLG's aerial work platform showed super stability. More than ten sets, more than 90 days, but only three times for repair, and because JLG's good service system was quickly resolved, it did not affect the construction progress at all, laying a good "foundation" for subsequent construction projects

efficient performance subverts the traditional construction methods

in the interior decoration stage of P & G Taicang factory, JLG 3246es scissor aerial work platform has almost contracted the aerial work part of all interior decoration projects. Most of the time, 20 JLG equipment will be constructed at the same time, respectively responsible for the installation of indoor fire fighting, mechanical and electrical equipment, water supply and drainage. Compared with the traditional scaffold construction, JLG 3246es not only ensures the safety that the instigator must be replaced immediately after the alarm, but also greatly improves the work efficiency. For the convenience brought by advanced equipment, Yang Fu said: "in the past, construction workers needed to climb scaffolds frequently and rely on manpower to move equipment, which was not only lack of safety protection but also time-consuming and laborious. Now they can move quickly by simply operating on the platform. These are disruptive changes."

flexible posture and easy handling of complex working conditions

unlike ordinary steel structure plants, P & G Taicang plant also needs to install external chemical pipeline devices. The valves and pipe fittings involved in chemical storage tanks and pipelines have a large number of specifications and models, and all have the characteristics of high temperature, high pressure, flammability and explosion. The requirements for construction are particularly high, and the operators need to be accurately positioned to the construction point. General high-altitude equipment simply cannot complete such complex and accurate tasks. The appearance of JLG E450 series curved arm aerial work platform provides a perfect solution for this special working condition. With its flexible arm flexion ability, E450 can span and extend to any corner of the pipeline installation, advance and retreat freely, and successfully complete the impossible tasks

now, the P & G factory project is nearing the end, but for Yang Fulai, the work has not been completely completed. In the future, JLG's aerial work platform needs to be reused in the maintenance and cleaning of the factory. In fact, it is rare in the domestic market for P & G factory to participate in the construction of the whole construction cycle by aerial work platforms, which also provides a valuable reference sample for the comprehensive upgrading of China's aerial construction methods in the future

talking about the development of aerial work platforms in China, Yang Fu, who has accumulated many project experience in the industry, has a deep feeling: "Six years ago, when I first came into contact with the aerial work platform, almost no one paid attention to it, and occasionally served one or two foreign-funded projects. Now, almost all industrial parks may use it, and the market acceptance is becoming higher and higher. Domestic enterprises from the initial lack of understanding and conflict, to the surprise after actual use, they found that the operation of the equipment is actually very simple, and more economical and efficient. At present, China's ownership is far from full." To meet future needs, with the continuous expansion of application fields, aerial work platforms will have a broader sky in China, and there will be more and more projects with full construction cycle, such as P & G factory. "

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