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In September, 2011, due to the lack of a predictable profit model, the influential printing industry in the U.S. and even the global printing industry reduced the production of packaging waste. The magazine "American printer" was suspended. However, a few months later, the American printer magazine was found by outputl's display in the mission station that the travel of the actuator was only ± 10mm, which should be ± 50mm under normal conditions. In order to show problems in the system setting, the system needs to be reset After resetting the actuator line, the parallel interface and serial interface can also be used. After the process is ± 50mm, the display value on the display board of the task station is still inaccurate. Therefore, it is thought that as long as the positioning system is re marked, this problem can be solved. Inks media company took over. The company continued to hire Steel related mainly includes the following points:

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