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Race against time! Temporary workers work together to play the "production and marketing Symphony"

race against time! Temporary workers work together to play the "Symphony of production and marketing"

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spring has arrived, and the peak season has come

production and marketing are booming. The tempo of temporary workers in Shandong is also accelerating

management, sales, production and technology modules perform their respective duties and race against time

spare no effort to ensure production Promote sales

redouble efforts to "catch up with the lost time"

make up the lost orders "

make the" production and marketing Symphony "

more pleasant in the warm spring


all staff support the front-line rapid response market

in the extraordinary period of epidemic prevention and control, Shandong Lingong has established the domestic market rapid response management team and determined the working mechanism in order to better support the front-line market. President Yu Mengsheng and general manager Wen Degang visited the market successively to learn about the front-line situation

president Yu Mengsheng visited the market (second from the right)

General Manager Wen Degang visited the market (second from the left)

on March 27, the company held a kick-off meeting on rapid response management in the domestic market to publicize and implement the spirit of the notice on the establishment of a leading group for rapid response in the domestic market. The senior leaders of the company connect with the dealers remotely and work on site, so as to quickly respond to and solve major problems such as marketing, business and financial policies, services and post market, competitive product dynamics, product demand, price system, order response, manufacturing quality, cash flow, etc. fed back by the market, accelerate the solution of outstanding problems in the process of market operation, and clear the obstacles for dealers to work hard and seize the market, Ensure to achieve the "315" marketing goal in 2020


special live broadcast training +ar empowering marketing new "sharp weapon"

the spring breeze sounded the trumpet of great efforts, Shandong temporary production and marketing are booming, and product supply exceeds demand. The highly competitive market and the sudden epidemic have put forward higher requirements for the sales model

on March 2, Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. has been producing experimental machines for customers for many years. 1 it has always adhered to the principle of large manufacturers and sincerely produced experimental machines that can be used continuously. Everyone can rest assured to use our company's products. On the product day, Shandong Lingong marketing company carried out special live broadcast training on hydraulic pressure, and conducted live broadcast teaching for 93 service personnel of 21 dealers with a large number of small excavators, helping service personnel to quickly solve excavator failures. Next, the marketing company is also planning offline practical training, which will adopt a combination of online and offline teaching methods to continuously improve the maintenance skills of service personnel and bring better services to customers

in addition, in technology Φ 6- Φ 30 or m10-m24 (can be customized according to user requirements) set up an AR product development team. After overcoming difficulties day and night and working fast, the AR product development of 12 versions of 6 products, including e6500f hammer king, e6500f/e660fl excavator, l975f loader, g9180 grader and rd730 roller, was completed one week ahead of the original plan, providing a powerful "weapon" for the company to develop a new online interactive marketing model


general mobilization of production has been working together to ensure orders

since the peak season, all production units of Shandong Lingong have been working together, with general mobilization, high enthusiasm and rising output. On March 30, the daily output of small excavation reached 70 sets, a record high. Ec75d small excavation in medium excavation line was officially put into production on the same day

at the same time, the first workshop of structural parts of excavator Division also showed a hot working scene. The structural parts of the new model were completed 2 days ahead of the delivery node, effectively ensuring the time of assembly and commissioning of ep600/eb600 single vehicle

a group of front frames in the structural parts workshop of the loader division, which undertook the welding task of X-frames of some 21 ton excavators, took less than 24 hours from accepting the task arrangement to the smooth offline of the first X-frame, fully reflecting the good style of unity, cooperation and efficient implementation of temporary workers

the material preparation center of the loader business department carried out QC key projects, compensated the pre discharge of the length and width of the workpiece, optimized the cutting route and cutting sequence, and successfully completed the production task of four main frame cover plates in the bulk order of eb600f large excavator. The one-time delivery acceptance rate of blanking reached 100%, effectively ensuring the production cycle of the order

develop rail welding material processing technology

in the face of the hot market situation, all employees in the production workshops of Shandong Lingong carry forward the spirit of hard work, dedication, loyalty and dedication, and strive to win the tough battle in the peak season with the fighting spirit of never winning a complete victory and never quitting


small technological transformation and high efficiency escort production

the peak season is coming. In order to meet the market demand, the front-line employees of the workshop work overtime to improve production. At the same time, process technicians are also actively accelerating the progress of technological transformation projects. Small technological transformation brings great efficiency and escorts production in peak seasons

the loader manufacturing technology department successfully completed the technical transformation project of "automatic tightening of bolts", eliminating the original graphic distortion problem and improving the positioning accuracy; The loader material preparation center has successively made various lifting tools, especially the introduction of vacuum suction lifting, which not only improves the safety of steel plate lifting, eliminates potential safety hazards, but also significantly shortens the steel plate transfer time; At the same time, the automatic telescopic platform for bucket cylinder assembly of line 2, jointly designed and manufactured by the loader manufacturing technology department and the improvement team of the first general assembly workshop, has also been officially put into use recently, significantly improving the assembly efficiency and eliminating potential safety hazards

in addition, in order to avoid two impacts, the technical transformation personnel in the workshop of the company designed and manufactured the main frame automatic loading and unloading platform, and used AGV for directional distribution. After the implementation of the project, the use of labor and driving has been reduced, the waste of work and potential safety hazards have been eliminated, and the logistics automation level of the workshop has been improved

the warm spring flowers have bloomed

the outbreak of the epidemic when the temporary workers are busy makes the temporary workers know how to keep watch and help each other, and also makes every temporary worker know his strength and strength. Reliable temporary workers are reliable people. Temporary workers are firmly grasping this rare Spring Festival and depicting the picture of struggle with hard work, innovative wisdom and responsibility

we will escort the customers' way forward

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