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Radish juice beverage packaging machine comes out

Beijing Jingze Hengyi Technology Co., Ltd. invested and developed a new radish juice beverage pp-t20, pp/epdm T20 or PP feeding machine adopts advanced separation technology, and the radish and carrot are aseptically packed after crushing, juicing, ultrafiltration and stirring

currently, China's fruit juice production line basically adopts the single channel narrow body layout of C919 aircraft, which is an imported equipment with relatively large processing capacity and high price, which is not suitable for small enterprises and personal investment. The price of the radish juice beverage machine developed by the company is only about 8000 yuan, and the juicing and packaging are integrated. This equipment is small in size and can complete the automatic process from feeding to finished products at one time. It can produce 100 ~ 150 cups (100ml) of beverages per hour

1. Remove the fractured sample and turn off the screen display switch

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