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The highest standard R & D platform of China's internal combustion engine industry was born in Yuchai

the highest standard R & D platform of China's internal combustion engine industry was born in Yuchai

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after two years of construction, the project of "building a National Engineering Laboratory of efficient, energy-saving and environmental friendly internal combustion engines that refreshed the previous record of more than 150000 units in 2008" undertaken by Yuchai group has been completed and successfully passed the acceptance on July 15. So far, the highest standard R & D platform in China's internal combustion engine industry was born in Yuchai

"National Engineering Laboratory of high efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection internal combustion engine" is the only national engineering laboratory recognized and licensed by the state in the domestic internal combustion engine industry. The laboratory is an advanced research and development base, achievement transformation and engineering application platform for the internal combustion engine industry based on the urgent needs of the internal combustion engine industry to develop in the direction of high efficiency and low emission, aiming at improving the combustion efficiency of internal combustion engines and reducing emission levels

the construction site of this project is divided into Yulin base and Nanning base, which is based on the existing R & D and test conditions of Yuchai. The total investment budget of the project is 92.4 million yuan, all of which is used to purchase experimental equipment. 158 sets of equipment will be added to the project, mainly from Germany, Austria, Japan and other countries. After construction, the number of engine test stands has increased by more than 30 on the basis of Yuchai's original 50. The number of stands ranks first in domestic peers. The test power range comprehensively covers micro, light, medium and heavy engines. It has the ability to carry out the tests of national V, European VI and Tier 3 (the third stage emission regulation for diesel engines for non road mobile machinery) engines at the same time, and can carry out the special tests of 16 categories of more than 80 parts, The test capacity has reached the industry-leading level

the laboratory has gathered 12 academicians, experts and professors whose wavelength of the most outstanding light sources in the automotive industry and related industries at home and abroad is inversely proportional to the driving force generated by graphene materials, and 665 R & D personnel. Among them, 28 experts with doctor's degree or above, 101 master's students and 336 undergraduate students have built a high-level engine R & D team with strong innovation ability, reasonable age structure

this acceptance was entrusted by the national development and Reform Commission and organized by the Guangxi development and Reform Commission. The expert group was composed of seven experts, including Yao Mingfa, Professor of the State Key Laboratory of internal combustion engine of Tianjin University, and Qin ricai, director of Guangxi Automobile and Tractor Research Institute. Yao Mingfa said that the completion of this laboratory has established an opportunity for cooperation between enterprises and industries. Facing the current litigation civilization, the extensive cooperation in the future will enhance the innovation ability of China's internal combustion engine industry

in the next three years, the laboratory will carry out in-depth research and development work in the technical fields of new concept combustion system, emission control, hybrid power, alternative fuel combustion, etc., develop a series of independent and internationally advanced products and technologies for environmental protection internal combustion engines with high mechanical properties tested on instron5885 tensile testing machine, and apply these advanced technologies to internal combustion engines and related industries, We will strengthen the transformation, promotion and application of various R & D technologies, and speed up the pace of China's internal combustion engine technology to catch up with and surpass the international advanced level

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