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Anhui Heli Management Informatization: R & D revolution of forklift giants

Anhui Heli Management Informatization: R & D revolution of forklift giants

China Construction machinery information

Guide: Although the difficulties faced by the construction machinery industry this year are not encountered in 10 years, Anhui Heli has not slowed down the pace of promoting R & D management informatization. Recently, Anhui Heli Co., Ltd. confirmed that the company has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with German SAP company, which will fully deploy the product life cycle

although the difficulties faced by the construction machinery industry this year are not encountered in 10 years, Anhui's joint efforts to promote R & D management informatization have not slowed down

recently, Anhui Heli Co., Ltd. confirmed that the company has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with sap in Germany and will fully deploy the product lifecycle management platform (PLM)

in the view of Zhang Dejin, chairman of Heli, the advanced management informatization with PLM as the starting point will promote the transformation of Heli from made in China to made in China. Whether passive or active, resultant force has been seeking change

it is reported that the company reassessed its informatization path in the next 10 years in 2010, began the planning of a new informatization system, and entered the implementation stage in 2011

"that was the fifth management revolution launched by the company." Zhang Mengqing described the informatization project launched by Heli since May last year. As the Secretary of Heli's board of directors and Minister of information technology department, zhangmengqing witnessed and personally participated in the whole process of the company's information transformation

the reason for this feeling is that "enterprises must have a platform that can fully support future business development as they move towards collectivization." Zhang Mengqing's firmness is beyond expression

scenery and pressure

for more than 20 years, China's leading position in the forklift industry has made Heli fully feel the majestic beauty of the peak, but the height is too cold, and the scenery of leaders is often accompanied by pressure

Since its establishment in 1958, heli has been committed to the R & D, manufacturing and sales of industrial vehicles, construction machinery and key components. After more than 50 years of development and innovation, it has formed a 10 billion level industrial platform and become the leader of China's forklift industry

"it's difficult to be the first in the industry. A negative enterprise can't copy, and even needs to be careful in learning, so the internal innovation momentum is very strong." Zhangmengqing believes that only the progress of the management system, including the R & D system, can realize the "intelligent manufacturing" of products

in order to enhance the core competitiveness of R & D, we decided to transform the existing IT system in 2011 and build a PLM management platform integrating research, production, supply, marketing and service. The planned it system is aimed at "improving R & D synergy and promoting the reform of R & D system"

the experimental speed can reach 0.001mm/min ⑴ 000mm/min the reason why the new information project was launched in 2011 stems from the reflection of Heli, including a thorough investigation of the problems existing in its own R & D system

"our means of helping R & D personnel innovate are not strong enough, and the standardization of R & D is not enough, and PLM can help in these aspects." Zhangmengqing told

at the same time, "we are not satisfied with the speed of product launch, and customer satisfaction with new products also needs to be improved." Zhang Mengqing said that if new products miss the best time to market, then the imitations will quickly occupy the market. "Significantly improving the response to customer needs is also the direction of future research and development system efforts."

to solve the above two problems, Germany will therefore help reduce the number of repairs, and SAP can make a difference

Xiao Jieyun, President of SAP China, said in an interview with China industry news that SAP will help jointly transform the R & D system and improve its R & D core capabilities, including market planning, product portfolio management and innovation culture, by providing global best practices and a series of innovative solutions

it is reported that Heli will re plan the integrated product R & D and design management system and build a long-term management informatization blueprint by drawing on SAP's global industry wisdom and local practice; At the same time, heli will use plm7.02 solution to establish a research and development platform to connect research, production, supply and marketing services, and connect with the optimized ERP platform; In addition, visual enterprise solutions and business intelligence solutions will be used to strengthen management transparency and realize auxiliary decision support

whether the clamping from "small boat" to "big boat" is reliable

the informatization road of joint force began in 1994

according to Zhang Mengqing, heli introduced the ERP system of American EMS company in 1994 and began to embark on the road of informatization. From 2001 to 2005, we worked together to plan multi-dimensional informatization work from ERP to technology management, from design tools to financial management, and re planned the information system construction plan for the next 5 to 10 years

in terms of ERP, heli established Hefei harmony Software Management Co., Ltd. as early as 2001, which specially customized and developed management software, and realized the company's financial integrated management that year. Heli has achieved upgrading from ERP to technology management, from technology platform to finance

Zhang Mengqing concluded that the informatization of Heli has taken a pragmatic road. "What can solve the enterprise's problems is a good thing. Of course, the premise is the appropriate cost. Why can this kind of 3D preform process be completed in 60s? Later it changed?"

"this is also related to the development and growth of enterprises. With the increasing development of enterprises, we can't make big mistakes in anything, so we hope to have a better, stronger and more stable platform as a support." Zhangmengqing asked and answered himself. In 2011, we cooperated with SAP and got on the "big ship"

however, it was learned in the interview that the number of users of sapplm in China is not large. Is Anhui Heli's move "hasty"? In response to the question, Xu Hui, vice president of SAP China who participated in the Heli informatization project, admitted that the number of its users in China is indeed small

but Xu Hui further explained that sap is a leading PLM platform provider in the world. The key is that eight of the world's top ten forklift enterprises use their information solutions. The strategic cooperation with Heli will enable sap to achieve absolute market leadership in forklift manufacturing and industrial vehicles

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