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Race against time! Carry tools into the mountain! Sany Maoxian rescue was praised by the armed police officers and soldiers

race against time! Carry tools into the mountain! Sany Maoxian rescue was praised by the armed police officers and soldiers

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after the mountain collapse in Maoxian County, Sany actively responded to the call of the party and the government, acted quickly, and set up a rescue commando with high transmission accuracy, and rushed to the scene at the first time. At present, five Sany excavators have been put into disaster relief in the core area of the disaster area. During this period, the Sany rescue commando was highly recognized by the armed police officers and soldiers on the scene for its professional and professional performance

as soon as the incident occurred, Sany urgently organized seven excavators and two loaders to rush to the scene to buy valuable time. At 3:00 p.m. that day, two sy215 excavators successfully arrived at the front line, becoming the first batch of equipment arriving at the site without additional engineering investment. Since entering the site, the Sany rescue commando has braved the great danger of another landslide and carried out 24-hour continuous operations in the mission area, such as road dredging, landslide embankment stripping, road widening, reinforcement, river cleaning, etc., opening up a situation for on-site rescue

due to the existence of a large number of unstable mountains, improper operation may lead to greater secondary disasters. To this end, the armed police force strictly controlled the number of entry equipment and tried to choose efficient, safe and accurate excavation equipment. Lu Xuanxuan, manager of Sany Heavy Machinery customer department, said that the first batch of about 15 equipment entered the site, of which 5 were Sany equipment

in addition to the equipment entering the site, Sany also set up a 24-hour service working group on standby outside the rescue center. It is understood that due to the serious traffic jam, this service team can also achieve high-precision speed calibration by walking. Zeng Sijia, the only female team member at the scene, said that due to carrying a large number of testing tools, maintenance tools, support equipment, etc., the staff generally carried about 20 kilograms. They arrived at the core of the accident in the disaster area at 8:00 that night. As of press time, this service team has been on duty for more than 30 hours

the relevant person in charge of the armed police force at the scene also highly praised Sany's performance in the rescue. He said that the excavation equipment of Sany is in all the equipment on the whole rescue site under the working condition of non-stop and high-intensity day and night. Therefore, we are very honored to have this opportunity to discuss with all technical experts in the industry and have an in-depth understanding of the efficient solutions that Sandvik dual phase steel can provide in a corrosive environment. It is the excellent quality and hard-working maintenance service team of Sany that has the lowest failure rate and the highest efficiency, It ensured the smooth progress of the rescue

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