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In a race against the epidemic, Schneider Electric rushed to Wuhan in an emergency. In front of the virus, human beings appear fragile, but love and courage make more people gather for Wuhan! For China! For every one of us

in the face of the covid-19 epidemic, many people are paying attention to and supporting Wuhan in their own way

every day, tens of millions of people supervise the construction of huoshenshan and leishenshan hospitals, and China's speed conquers the world again. In the live broadcast pictures, the most common ones are large-scale equipment such as sending ashes and welding Emperor Wu. Outside the pictures, there are many key projects that you can't see, such as the construction of the most critical power infrastructure. Behind this, there is also a strength of the Shi family

On January 23, Wuhan announced the decision to establish huoshenshan hospital. On January 24, Shi Jia's colleagues in charge of sales in Central China have been communicating technical issues with units and designers under the Third Bureau of China Construction Engineering Corporation, and coordinating the allocation of distribution boxes, circuit breakers, dual power supplies and other products required for the project

a colleague in charge of sales in the Shi family said: These are usually very simple things. In this extraordinary period, we will encounter many difficulties. Without enough time to go through the normal order process, we communicated to let the products leave the warehouse at the fastest speed; Many road sections are barricaded, and the products cannot leave the factory, so we use flat carts to relay the goods to the unimpeded road sections. We are working hard to install the equipment as soon as possible

construction assistance materials arrive at the hospital construction site

distribution cabinet installation in place

distribution box installation in place

on January 29, Shi Jia received the task from the Third Bureau of China Construction: the critical parts of icu/ccu wards that affect the service life of bulbs are in urgent need of high current dual power switches, surge switches and special backup protection devices for surge protectors. Due to the logistics outage, Schneider wangao marketing department quickly contacted the high-speed rail green channel. After the goods were transported from Tianjin west to Changzhou north railway station, Changzhou Sales Department received the products in person, directly sent them to the panel factory site, assembled the electrical cabinet on site, and transported them to Wuhan by overnight special car. It took 36 hours from receiving the task to the delivery of the first batch of power distribution cabinets in the purification operating room area, and only 30 hours to the delivery of the second batch of power distribution cabinets in the Cu ward area

Schneider wangao dual power supply in the assembly provides a strong guarantee for the continuous power supply of the hospital.

as of February 2, Shi Jia and his partners have successfully completed the goods transfer, transportation, assembly, wiring and adjustment of all batches of products, although the manufacturer has considered a lot of trial and delivery work in the design, and has all arrived at the construction site. These power distribution products supported by FireWire are installed in the wards, operating rooms and rest areas of Huoshen mountain and Leishen mountain hospitals

during this period, the on-site installation and commissioning of rm6-s ring cabinet, the main power equipment provided by Shi Jia, were completed; Shi Jia's ups and precision air conditioner have also been installed in place to ensure the safety of the hospital's power and data center

the on-site installation and commissioning of rm6-s ring cabinet of the main power equipment are completed.

the px160 uninterruptible power supply equipment installed by Shi Jia's Service Engineer in huoshenshan hospital is powered on.

now, huoshenshan and leishenshan hospitals have all realized power transmission, providing a strong power guarantee for hospital construction. The lights of the two hospitals are on, which also brings hope for more people

on February 1 | Beijing Xiaotangshan

in Beijing, 1000 kilometers away from Wuhan, in order to prevent the epidemic, Beijing launched the repair project of Xiaotangshan Hospital in case of need. At 4:00 p.m. on February 1, the staff of Shi family received the task of urgently allocating PLC and switching power supply for the hospital reconstruction project. After full cooperation with partners, the task of goods transfer and delivery was successfully completed within two hours

Shi Jia mobilized some products for Xiaotangshan Hospital

on the same day, the emergency infection relief project of Beijing Xiaotangshan Hospital 4 urgently needed Shi Jia to provide ISCB surge protector backup protection device. Schneider wangao arranged production after two hours of emergency coordination. In the morning of the next day, the product was made and sent to the project site urgently

quickly coordinate and start production products

in addition to power facilities and components, Schneider Electric also donated 1million yuan to Wuhan. This donation will be allocated to Wuhan Jinyintan hospital, Wuhan children's Hospital and other medical institutions to purchase medical supplies, emergency equipment and other scarce materials to combat the acute shortage of novel coronavirus pneumonia, as well as to carry out relevant relief work

in front of the virus, human beings appear fragile, but love and courage make more people gather for Wuhan! For China! For every one of us

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