The hottest photovoltaic glass market is in crisis

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How to deal with the crisis in the photovoltaic glass market and the cost control innovation of xiuqiang shares

marketsandmarkets, the world's second largest market research and consulting company, recently released a latest report. The report predicts that the global solar photovoltaic glass market will grow to $18.48 billion by 2022, with a compound annual growth rate of 33.4%. The photovoltaic glass market in the Asia Pacific region will grow significantly during the forecast period. Especially in China, the leader of the international photovoltaic market, the photovoltaic glass market has a considerable prospect, but there are also multiple risks. Such an industry with both risks and opportunities can, on the one hand, bring a huge market to xiuqiang, an expert in the photovoltaic glass industry, consolidate its leading position in the glass manufacturing industry, and, on the other hand, test its adaptability under the complex current situation of the industry. In the face of the strong photovoltaic industry, xiuqiang chose to move forward firmly and enhance its strength through business upgrading to meet the challenges

the photovoltaic glass market is in a good situation. Xiuqiang shares seems to have become an industry expert

now China has become the world's largest producer and application country of photovoltaic products. In 2016 alone, the newly installed capacity of distributed photovoltaic in China reached 4.24 million KW, an increase of 200% year-on-year, with a cumulative installed capacity of 10.32 million KW, with a space of 50million kW from the 2020 planning target. In addition, the country has launched the domestic photovoltaic application market and established a policy system to support the photovoltaic industry, and promoted the "13th five year plan" of economic transformation, energy transformation, institutional innovation and technological opening, so that the photovoltaic industry will be selected in the next four years. 2. Experimental power: 50kN, 100kN, 200kn, 300KN, 600kN; Many seem to suggest that the spine can be stabilized and supported by policies, ushering in a period of high-speed growth. Wang Bohua, Secretary General of China Photovoltaic Industry Association, said that the sustained and sound development of photovoltaic industry is a long-term trend. With the new energy revolution, human society is transiting to a new form, and the trend of photovoltaic market expansion will continue. The expansion of the photovoltaic market in the future will also significantly drive the growth of the domestic photovoltaic glass market

xiuqiang shares saw the opportunity to enter the photovoltaic glass market as early as 2009, and has been fighting in this field for eight years. During this period, it has experienced explosive growth of the industry, and has also insisted hard in the downturn. In the face of the ever-changing and treacherous photovoltaic industry, xiuqiang Co., Ltd. continues to use technological innovation and mode innovation to meet various challenges, and also continues to reap progress. As one of the main drafting units of the domestic photovoltaic coated glass industry standard, xiuqiang Co., Ltd. has introduced coated antireflective glass with considerable economy and high market penetration from the very beginning; Then he applied for national invention patents for key technologies such as "the method of preparing suede zinc oxide transparent conductive coated glass by plasma bombardment" and "the integrated and continuous production line of zinc oxide suede transparent conductive coated glass"; Then the annual production capacity of photovoltaic glass of the company exceeded 10 million square meters; Now, xiuqiang has become an expert in the photovoltaic glass industry

photovoltaic industry "danger" and "opportunity" both show strong shares to cope with the challenges through three pronged approach

however, although the prospect is very bright, the photovoltaic industry is still in the period of deep reshuffle. Serious light abandonment, subsidy arrears, financing difficulties and other problems restrict the development of photovoltaic industry. "A relatively serious phenomenon of light rejection has occurred in some parts of the northwest. The annual average utilization hours of photovoltaic power generation in Gansu Province is 1061 hours, with a light rejection rate of 31%; the annual average utilization hours of photovoltaic power generation in Xinjiang autonomous region is 1042 hours, with a light rejection rate of 26%." Said zhoubinhong, a researcher of Sinopharm. In addition, the government's subsidy arrears are up to 1. 5% In, the amount in arrears exceeded 10billion yuan, seriously affecting the cash flow of enterprises; In addition, the photovoltaic industry has encountered "financing difficulties" due to its large investment, long capital demand cycle and uncertain income

in this regard, xiuqiang shares said that the tight financial situation of photovoltaic module manufacturing enterprises has not been greatly improved, and there are certain operational risks. Therefore, the company will control the delivery rhythm of photovoltaic glass products through the stability maintenance strategy to ensure the safety of fund collection, reduce the index of good customers to increase the supply of good customers under the pressure of good luck price of collection, reduce or stop the supply of customers who continue to overdue collection, and ensure the flexible operation of funds, Reduce the operation risk of the company

at the same time, xiuqiang shares also realized that on the surface, the policy support of the photovoltaic industry led the development of the industry, but from a deeper point of view, cost reduction is the core driving force for the development of the industry. Only by continuously reducing costs to reduce dependence on subsidies, can the photovoltaic industry truly achieve benign growth. Therefore, in the future, the company will further strengthen cost control, implement digital cost management in branch plants, monitor all production activities, and minimize waste in the production process of photovoltaic glass. And increase the research and development of photovoltaic glass products to ensure product competitiveness

in addition, in order to change the existing sales dilemma of photovoltaic glass products and achieve a breakthrough in operating profits, xiuqiang shares will innovate in the sales model: first, for customers who account for a high share of the company's sales but are short of funds, a third-party payment method will be adopted to ensure the safety of funds and maintain sales; The second is to try in the photovoltaic product chain. Through the construction of downstream photovoltaic power stations, photovoltaic glass products are exchanged for photovoltaic modules to realize the rapid return of funds and the breakthrough of photovoltaic glass sales

some experts commented that the construction of photovoltaic power stations is the general trend. First, photovoltaic power stations currently have a good return on investment, and the return on net assets of photovoltaic power stations is even as high as about 50%; Second, photovoltaic power stations can also provide a stable channel source for the sales of photovoltaic glass produced by themselves to avoid its unsalable; Through the construction of photovoltaic power station demonstration projects, customers can have a more intuitive and in-depth understanding of the advantages of their products in practical applications. Photovoltaic modules are the core part of photovoltaic products. Xiuqiang shares can use its own advantageous products to exchange for the core part of photovoltaic system, which can greatly save the funds, time and energy for the future construction of photovoltaic power stations to develop photovoltaic core modules, which can be described as killing multiple birds with one stone

this series of business upgrading measures can not only stabilize xiuqiang's current position in the photovoltaic glass industry, but also extend its industrial chain to the downstream, so that it has more say in the photovoltaic industry with unlimited potential in the future. The promising photovoltaic industry will also bring rich profits and new twists and turns>205 MPa performance growth points to xiuqiang shares, help it develop new businesses and further consolidate its leading position in the domestic glass manufacturing industry

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