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Xining's photovoltaic capacity reached a record high

recently, it was learned from the State Grid Xining power supply company that in 2017, the total photovoltaic capacity of Xining reached 12173.92 kW, a record high. State Grid Xining power supply company has assisted 63 distributed photovoltaic customers, including 5 photovoltaic power stations with full capacity and 54 residential users with self use surplus

in order to speed up distributed photovoltaic power generation and promote the development of clean energy, the state power Xining power supply company earnestly implements the strategic deployment of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, effectively communicates and connects with local government departments while saving costs, actively carries out new energy and service research, and provides high-quality services and technical support for the development of local new energy industry

in the process of photovoltaic projects and implementation, gb/t 3923.1 ⑴ 997 textiles tensile properties of fabrics Part 1: Determination of breaking strength and elongation at break strip method, the state power Xining Power Supply Company actively opened up a green channel, extended high-quality services to the plant in the park, organized all functional departments to work together, and actively went deep into the field investigation, Designate special personnel to track the project in real time, but this is a major challenge for the development of the global automotive market. It provides "one-stop" services for photovoltaic power generation from the aspects of policy publicity, technical consultation, business acceptance, simplified process, etc. Organize professional technicians to intervene in advance and participate in the technical preparation, safety inspection, preparation of operators and instruments, voltage regulation test, etc. before the start of the photovoltaic power station project, so as to speed up the project. In addition, we also voluntarily carry out electrician training for customers, widely publicize the knowledge of safe electricity use, ensure the safe and efficient operation of project equipment, realize "zero waste light", and fully purchase photovoltaic power supply, which maximizes the interests of customers and plays a leading and exemplary role in the ecological and green development of our province

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