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Photovoltaic enterprises save themselves by different means, and the industrial situation is grim

at the regular press conference of the Ministry of Commerce on the 19th, spokesman shendanyang highlighted the sanctions imposed by the European Union and India on China's photovoltaic industry. While the Ministry of Commerce went to Europe for consultations, Wuxi Suntech and Jiangxi Savi, domestic photovoltaic giants, have been forced to further extend the lithium industry chain to the downstream lithium-ion battery industry by layoffs and land sales; Shandong photovoltaic enterprises, whose exports were also blocked, turned their attention to the domestic market

On the 18th, Suntech Power Holdings Co., Ltd. announced that based on the impact of the U.S. double anti-dumping and EU anti-dumping investigations on China's photovoltaic exports, the company decided to suspend the production of some battery plants in Wuxi when the load can no longer rise. After closing some production capacity this time, more than 1500 workers of Suntech Power are facing job transfer and diversion. The CEO of Suntech Power said that the suspension of production in some factories was mainly to reduce production costs and improve cash flow

like Suntech, Jiangxi Savi, another photovoltaic giant, has also cut more than 5500 jobs this year, accounting for 22% of all employees, and announced on the 17th that it has transferred some real estate and land use rights to the local Xinyu municipal government to raise funds. At the same time, Trinasolar and other photovoltaic enterprises also frequently reported layoffs

at present, after the United States imposed high punitive tariffs on China's photovoltaic modules, the European Union has launched a double anti investigation on China's photovoltaic enterprises. In addition, India has announced that it is about to launch a double anti investigation on China's photovoltaic export products. China's photovoltaic industry, which exports products with a 0% difference in the reading of the scale line on the 9 micrometer handwheel, is facing unprecedented severe challenges

now, Jiangxi Saiwei has lost $220million in the second quarter and is on the verge of bankruptcy; Suntech's second quarter financial report showed that the company's cash flow was only $5million, but the debt about to mature was $575million. At present, the profit margin of the domestic photovoltaic industry has fallen from 139% in 2007 to about 20%. Among more than 500 photovoltaic enterprises in China, 1/3 of small and medium-sized enterprises are in the state of shutdown or semi shutdown

facing the deteriorating industrial market, Shandong, a major photovoltaic Province, began the transformation of "export to domestic sales". On the 13th, Rino photovoltaic launched the roof power station project in Shandong, with the intention of digesting photovoltaic capacity and reducing dependence on external export markets. Photovoltaic enterprises in Dongying, Weifang and other places have also bid for domestic photovoltaic power station construction projects to instigate the lighting

as for the endless trade sanctions facing the photovoltaic industry at present, Shi Dinghuan, director of the China Renewable Energy Association, pointed out that the export obstruction and overcapacity will lead to some photovoltaic enterprises that may end up without making profits. It is expected that more than 30% of photovoltaic enterprises will be kicked out in the next two to three years. Zhonghua glass () Department

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