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In recent years, China's photovoltaic enterprises have focused on the global market, invested in photovoltaic power stations, and established component factories. The pace of "going out" of the photovoltaic industry has significantly accelerated. According to the data from the national energy administration, in 2015, the export volume of photovoltaic cells and modules in China reached more than 25million kW, the export volume reached 14.4 billion US dollars, and the number of exporting countries totaled about 200

at the same time, the photovoltaic investment market is gradually expanding. Artes, CNBM and others have entered the photovoltaic market in Germany, the United States, Japan and other overseas developed countries, and invested in the construction of photovoltaic power station projects of more than 3million kW; In coordination with the construction of the "the Belt and Road", TBEA and ZTE are building megawatt photovoltaic power generation projects in Pakistan and other countries. In addition, foreign projects maintained rapid growth

it is worth noting that the number of overseas plants in China's photovoltaic manufacturing sector continues to increase. According to the data of the national energy administration, Chinese photovoltaic manufacturing enterprises have put into operation overseas, with a battery capacity of 3.2 million KW and a battery module capacity of 3.8 million KW; The capacity of the battery under construction can be tested on the plane tensile strength, static bending strength and elastic modulus, screw grip force, internal separation strength, external separation strength and other mechanical properties of medium density fiberboard, particleboard, plywood and blockboard. 2 graphene can not be used to enhance 200000 kW of aluminum or steel, and the capacity of battery components is 2million kW; It is planned to invest in a battery capacity of 1.1 million KW and a battery module capacity of nearly 5 million KW

when analyzing the development trend of this year, the China Photovoltaic Industry Association proposed that the pace of "going out" of the photovoltaic industry would be further accelerated. In addition to acquiring existing production capacity in traditional markets, some enterprises began to go to Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Turkey, India, Brazil and other places to build new factories to avoid "double anti" and close to the terminal market

looking forward to the future, the "going out" of the photovoltaic industry will still receive policy support. Liangzhipeng, deputy director of the new and renewable energy department of the national energy administration, revealed that the country will work from five aspects:

first, expand the international market for solar energy. Focus on promoting solar energy planning cooperation projects in key countries in Southeast Asia and the Middle East, such as Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Thailand, India, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and the United Arab Emirates

second, promote international cooperation in solar energy production capacity. Actively promote the cooperation of "project contracting + financing" and "project contracting + operation", encourage the use of PPP and other methods, actively promote the investment and construction of solar projects in Southeast Asia and the Middle East, and drive the international production capacity and equipment manufacturing cooperation of solar energy. Combined with the characteristics that the distributed photovoltaic energy density is related to the endurance capacity of power cells, we actively participate in the construction of overseas industrial clusters, industrial parks and other cooperative parks, and guide domestic photovoltaic enterprises to "go to sea together" and develop in clusters. Through the "large with small" capacity cooperation mode, build the strategic alliance of the whole industry chain, and form the comprehensive international competitive advantage of the industry

third, encourage enterprises to strengthen international research and development cooperation, carry out joint research and development of cutting-edge technologies and common technologies in the solar industry, improve China's industrial technology research and development capacity and core competitiveness, and jointly promote industrial technology progress

fourth, actively participate in the formulation of international standards for the solar industry, increase the overseas promotion of independent intellectual property standard system, and promote international mutual recognition of testing and certification

fifth, promote international cooperation in talent training. Strengthen the training of transnational operation and management talents, adhere to the combination of enterprise self-cultivation and government support, cultivate a number of compound transnational operation and management talents, and promote the development, construction and operation management system of international projects

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