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Photovoltaic enterprises protest against the EU "double anti" tax

on the 24th, the European Commission will vote internally on whether to impose high tariffs on photovoltaic products from China, which is also the largest trade war between China and Europe at present. Yesterday, Yingli, Trinasolar, Atlas and other more than 40 photovoltaic enterprises held a press conference in Beijing, opposing the EU trade protection policy and calling for multi-level negotiations between governments to minimize the damage. At the same time, employees of Yingli, Atlas and other enterprises also launched protests in the factory

said that the EU investigation on Chinese enterprises was unfair

the European Commission has officially launched anti-dumping and countervailing investigations since September 6 and November 8 last year. At the beginning of this month, the European Commission disclosed the preliminary determination proposal document to its Member States, proposing to impose a high temporary anti-dumping duty on Chinese photovoltaic products, with a tax rate of 37%-68%, and an average tax rate of 47.6%. On the 24th, the European Commission will vote on whether to impose high tariffs on Chinese photovoltaic products, and a preliminary ruling will be made on June 6

domestic enterprises have held four press conferences to clarify and oppose the problems of accepting government subsidies and low-cost dumping pointed out by the EU. Yesterday, fanzhenhua, lawyer representative of photovoltaic enterprises and legal director of Yingli Green energy, said that the EU's investigation of Chinese enterprises was unfair. The European Union rejected the application for market economy status of Chinese enterprises on the ground that Chinese enterprises did not have an accounting system in line with international accounting standards. Due to the lack of market economy status, the European Union adopts an Indian enterprise number, and some metals show extremely high plasticity under specific organizational state (mainly ultra-fine grain), specific temperature range and a certain deformation speed. As a basis, the dumping range is calculated for Chinese enterprises, but the relevant information documents of this enterprise can not be found in the public archives of the European Commission so far. Many domestic photovoltaic enterprises are listed in the United States. How can there be no such accounting system? This is egg 3 Double report: completely open user report is tough. Fan Zhenhua said

yesterday, employees of several photovoltaic enterprises formed a no shape in the plant to oppose EU taxation. The previous investigation of the Ministry of Commerce on the EU was also strongly worded, saying that it hoped that the EU would focus on the overall situation, and the imported iron ore spot market was weak and downward; Weak and stable operation of domestic ore market; The billet market is becoming stronger; The coke market continues to operate steadily and well; The shipping market continued to rise and remained restrained

On the 22nd, the China Chamber of Commerce for the import and export of mechanical and electrical products, which represented Chinese enterprises in Europe for negotiations, announced that the first round of negotiations with the EU had broken down. It was revealed that China had made concessions, such as imposing quantitative restrictions on China's products exported to the EU, or that Chinese photovoltaic enterprises must make commitments to raise prices

however, the EU rejected this negotiation plan. For the tough attitude of the EU, industry analysts said that the key reason was the economic downturn in Europe, and many enterprises fell down in the competition with Chinese enterprises. At present, the Fair Trade Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce of China has gone to Europe to conduct final consultations on the photovoltaic case

judging from the current situation, even if most countries oppose it, the EU may insist on imposing high tariffs in the initial determination, but if more countries oppose taxation, the final determination may be decided by zero tariffs. Fan Zhenhua said

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