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The overall photovoltaic industry is in a downturn, and the enterprise debt is heavy.

on the one hand, the overall industry is in a downturn, on the other hand, the enterprise debt is high

data show that the accumulated debt of China's top 10 photovoltaic enterprises has reached US $17.5 billion, about 111billion yuan. Numerous debts have triggered a huge photovoltaic debt collection army. Suppliers are like frightened birds, afraid that customers will not pay the money. Once the enterprise has the news of shutdown or there is a disturbance in the capital chain, all creditors have come to the door to chase and intercept. Suntech and Savi have staged a scene of suppliers blocking factory doors and collective debt collection

it is necessary to calculate a little bit.

the funds from the downstream and upstream have become the norm, and the enterprises in the photovoltaic industry chain are deeply in a debt collection cycle. Liu Wei (a pseudonym), an insider, told solarzoom his story of debt collection

"Some time ago, I went to a customer in Huzhou, Zhejiang Province to collect debts. I got the news in advance. The boss of the enterprise happened to be in the company today. He was blocked at the front desk and said that all the leaders had gone out. Later, he found a financial supervisor to negotiate with me. The financial supervisor kept complaining about how difficult it was. Finally, he launched a payment plan and planned to use 10 month installment payment to solve the 100000 yuan owed to us. I firmly disagree and question it Their credibility. As a result, the financial director lost a sentence: the little yellow car equipped with BASF "running shoes" (source: BASF official): now we still need credibility, our boss doesn't want to face, the key is to survive "

"finally, the vice president of a company came to me. After several discussions, he gave me a payment plan. The 100000 payment was given twice, and he also made a promise that it would definitely be fulfilled. He had to give it to someone else, so he agreed temporarily." As for whether they could pay according to the guarantee, Liu Wei had no idea at all

Kevin works in a foreign-funded enterprise that makes raw materials. He said that the poor photovoltaic environment has led to more and more companies in arrears, and everyone's accounts are getting more and more chaotic. He told solarzoom that the bosses of some companies even stated that they would give a 5% reward (Commission for debt collection) to anyone who got the debt. "This just shows the current chaotic and thorny environment!"

yesterday, Changzhou yamadon filed a lawsuit with Changzhou intermediate people's court, requiring Wuxi Suntech to pay 59.24 million yuan in arrears and bear the corresponding bank loan interest. In this regard, Cong Hua, marketing director of Shenzhen Han's photovoltaic, said that we are unwilling to take legal measures unless we have to, and the key depends on the operation of the debtor

"for us, we can calculate it bit by bit, but we don't rule out physical payment and legal channels."

the long road to debt collection has not been completed.

although the corporate structure of China has changed, there is a saying that the debtor is the Lord, and the debt collector is the grandson, which is vividly interpreted in the photovoltaic debt collection lens. A supplier of graphite boats in Shanghai said that their payment for hundreds of thousands of goods was delayed from last year to this year, and 100000 was given in the middle. Those in debt also said that they should thank him well

a well-known enterprise in Shandong has a large amount of debt, and the person in charge of the enterprise was unwilling to make a statement about it, only saying that "debt is a common phenomenon"

the sales manager of an industry giant is out collecting debts for half a month, and he is helpless, "Our external debt amounted to more than 1 billion. Customers owed too much for too long, plus their own inventory. This part of the funds was frozen, and the burden was too heavy on the first level. Some time ago, the company also held a meeting to discuss the settlement of accounts receivable, one by one to clear the arrears of major customers, small and medium-sized customers, and the leaders put pressure on us to collect debts as part of the year-end business assessment."

he said, "they all say they have no money and have been in debt. But this' hard bone 'is no matter how hard it is to bite." Solarzoom asked him if he had thought of other ways. He said that it was impossible to file a lawsuit and get money. Instead, he tore his face and had no room. As long as the enterprise is still there is a glimmer of hope

when the goods were delivered and the money was not received, debt collection became another job for salespeople. A junction box supplier said, "I also asked for money yesterday. When I went to Jinhua, I said there was no money. It doesn't matter if I sit there every day. I'll give you lunch. What can you do?" He joked that asking for money was a technical job. "Fortunately, the offer is slow, but there is still hope."

a salesperson surnamed Xu in Zhejiang admitted, "it has been eight or nine years of sales, and it is the hardest this year. It is often a week to live. Every time I live for a few days, I squeeze some toothpaste."

after a long time of debt collection, the general consensus is that there is still a chance to go out and ask for debt, and if you don't go out and collect it, you have no chance. In the past few years, the supply exceeds the demand, and the payment for excess capacity is far from being expected. The "roller coaster" photovoltaic market situation makes people from "Crazy" to "cold"

repayment of debt by physical mortgage

on October 23, Xinda Xincai signed a debt restructuring agreement with Jiangxi LDK, and LDK transferred the 14MW solar power plant project to Xinda Xincai to repay the account of 140million yuan

previously, a senior executive of a photovoltaic enterprise revealed that LDK was preparing to sell the photovoltaic power stations in Qinghai, and entrusted the unfinished roadblocks, "the total installed capacity of this part of the power stations is about MW, which can be exchanged for billions of dollars"

physical mortgage of power stations, components, battery chips and so on has become a way for the industry to solve the arrears. It is understood that a listed company in Zhejiang owed Shanghai Hongfeng Industrial Co., Ltd. more than 2 million for graphite products, and later outsourced a department of its factory (graphite) to them, which was counted as debt repayment

the above graphite boat supplier said, "now, the worst plan is to take the customer's battery chips as collateral."

Liu Wei shared his friend's story with. "One of my brothers, who is making small auxiliary materials, encountered a bad market at the beginning, but many companies have paid for it. What second-hand laminators, welding strips, components, silicon wafers and batteries are all at home. Depressed, he scratched his head and asked himself: what exactly do I do # Jinan gold testing hammer handle strength? I don't know what I do." He can only show sympathy for the sufferings of his friends. He has also met customers who have no money to mortgage components. What makes people laugh and cry is that these components are not only high in price, but also very low in actual power

the situation of foreign-funded enterprises is much better. Kevin said that their company basically has no debt. "The company is quite" harsh "about the payment method. If the customer cannot accept the payment method of letter of credit, we will definitely not do it."

beware of dishonest enterprises

at present, the photovoltaic market is in a downturn, and it is inevitable that there will be some enterprises fishing in troubled waters with poor reputation. Liu Wei reminded that some malicious debt enterprises continue to change suppliers. "When you suddenly receive an invitation from an enterprise to talk about cooperation with you, and the other party is the boss, chairman and other people, you must not think that the spring of your career is coming. Maybe it is a big trap that can not only bury you alive, but also bring down your company's business."

malicious arrears make many enterprises breathless. Some people say, "you can survive without doing this business, but you will die faster if you do it."

the vicious behavior of frequently changing suppliers is not uncommon. According to insiders, there are more than 100 suppliers of an enterprise in Shanghai, and the previous orders are progressing very well. After the suppliers are relieved, they begin to "play rogue". Therefore, it is suggested that enterprises must conduct in-depth investigation and understanding before carrying out cooperation, so as to avoid embarking on the "no return road" of debt collection

some insiders suggested that we should take the initiative to expose enterprises with poor reputation, so that such enterprises have no room to survive in the industry. At the same time, industry enterprises should be self-discipline, from upstream to downstream, we all check, do not do money owed business

Cong Hua of Han's photovoltaic said, "now it's the buyer's market. There are few projects on its own, and some equipment manufacturers are all competing, so the competition is very fierce. As a result, customers raise harsh conditions on price and payment. Especially some manufacturers with a lot of inventory will sell by any means."

the money a owes B, B owes C, and C owes a, and the enterprise is deeply in "triangle debt"; You ask for my debt, I ask for his debt, and he asks for your debt. When is the "debt to debt" time? This is a true portrayal of the photovoltaic debt collection cycle. When can we get out of the dilemma? It also depends on the situation of the European and American anti-dumping and the pace of domestic market development. Zhonghua glass () Department

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