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The photovoltaic giant's first merger and acquisition landed after the Spring Festival

just after the Spring Festival, the photovoltaic giant immersed in favorable policies could not wait to hand over the leading merger and acquisition order. Yesterday, Trinasolar learned that the company had announced an agreement with Shenzhen jiejiawei innovative energy equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "jiejiaweichuang") to acquire 51% of the equity of Hubei Hongyuan Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd., its wholly-owned subsidiary in Hubei Xiantao. Trinasolar said that it would expand the capacity of the acquired company to meet the demand, and the total order volume of the company so far has exceeded 1200. The company is still paying attention to new acquisition projects

it is reported that after the merger, Hubei Hongyuan will be renamed Hubei Trinasolar Co., Ltd. "The newly established joint venture will expand the production capacity of solar cells on the original basis. It is expected that by the middle of 2014, the production capacity of Trinasolar solar cells in Hubei will increase to 420 MW according to the" 1015 "plan." The relevant person in charge of the company did not disclose the purchase price, but stressed that the state now strongly encourages the activation of some small enterprises through mergers and acquisitions, "in terms of funds, a is also supported"

it is understood that Jiejia Weichuang, which is acquired this time, mainly produces battery chips, and the products are directly supplied to Trinasolar to produce battery components. According to Zhu Zhiguo, senior vice president of Trinasolar, Trinasolar can usually form some kinds of key stocks by increasing capital and expanding these materials, and establish a joint venture with Jiejia Weichuang, which can expand the capacity of solar cells at a lower cost and meet the growing demand for component production

however, some insiders worry that the rapid expansion of enterprises may lead to a new round of overcapacity. The head of Trinasolar said that the company has been in full production since last year. "Orders have even been placed in the second quarter of this year. Therefore, the output of battery chips can basically be digested by themselves"

Gao Jifan, chairman of Trinasolar, once said that the global solar market demand will continue to grow, especially in emerging markets such as China and Japan. The completion of the joint venture project will help the company meet the growing global demand. A few days ago, Wu Xinxiong, director of the national energy administration, said in his speech at the 2014 national energy work conference that in 2014, the installed capacity of new photovoltaic power generation was 14million kW (60% of which was distributed), which was higher than the new installed capacity of photovoltaic power generation of 10million kW mentioned in the 2014 energy work guidance

even so, the above industry insiders warned that enterprises should not be too optimistic, "after all, many problems such as electricity and distributed financing mode have yet to be solved, and enterprises should be wary of the risks brought by the sudden braking of national policies"

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