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Photovoltaic industry has become a new economic growth point in Tianchang City, Anhui Province

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since this year, under the leadership of the local government, the photovoltaic industry in Tianchang City has explored its potential, taken the initiative, firmly grasped the favorable opportunity that domestic and international market demand will hit the bottom and rebound, and the market ratio is relatively stable, and actively made use of tax preferential policies such as expanded deduction of fixed assets and additional deduction of R & D expenses, Speed up technological transformation, mergers and acquisitions, and spare no efforts to promote industrial transformation and upgrading development. The photovoltaic industry shows a good development trend and has become a new local economic growth point

up to now, the poly GCL Yu Guang complementary photovoltaic power station project with a total investment of 200million yuan has been completed and put into operation. The products have been exported to Britain, Germany and other European countries, and the annual output value will reach 1billion yuan. Anhui Yingfa Sanyou New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., with an additional investment of 50million yuan, has upgraded all its products to polycrystalline cells, and invested in the establishment of Sichuan Yingfa Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. in Chengdu, which will have an annual output of 500MW solar cells and an annual output value of 500million yuan. According to statistics, dozens of photovoltaic enterprises in the city have invested nearly 500million yuan in the upgrading and transformation of the photovoltaic industry, laying a solid foundation for the local photovoltaic industry to realize the second take-off, which may cause the connecting rod connecting the two supports to break due to non computational problems

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