The hottest photovoltaic industry fought chicken b

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For the last time in 2017, the photovoltaic industry hit the "chicken's blood"

whether distributed or ground power stations, 1230 is the deadline for filing, rather than the power station operation time for assessing electricity prices. This is China's basic national conditions and common sense, but due to the short construction cycle, the time of distribution may be compressed before 630

the strongest firepower of rendering 1230 is household photovoltaic. This year, photovoltaic equipment enterprises have made full efforts to publicize household PV for the future and investment institutions that are optimistic about household PV, and have prepared sufficient publicity funds for the media. On the other hand, in order to cooperate with the enterprise to complete this year's performance before 1230, the professional manager should choose the large range of experiments. The manager and all franchisees should also work together with the media to vigorously publicize to customers that the electricity price will be reduced before 1230 because of the performance evaluation. In fact, the 1230 is the internal performance assessment point of the enterprise, rather than the closing point of the national electricity price reduction, and the concept cannot be vague. Now the main body of public opinion of photovoltaic development in this regard, any individual objective analysis, revealing the truth of the event will become the target of attack, because it has offended the media, professional managers, franchisees, household photovoltaic developers, which is a group of "chicken blood" photovoltaic pioneers, flaunting the last climax of photovoltaic rush in 2017

industrial and commercial roof distributed investors are led by household developers

mainstream component manufacturers of household photovoltaic development are involved, and most of the publicity funds of the photovoltaic industry are provided by them, which also basically controls the public opinion market. In this public opinion environment, industrial and commercial roof distributed investors basically cannot make independent and objective judgments, and can only follow others' advice and recognize the groundless 1230. In fact, this date is also the year-end assessment node of any enterprise. Even if the country does not have 1230, it is understandable that 1230 is also advocated in enterprises to complete the tasks of 2017 and reduce the pressure of 2018

photovoltaic poverty alleviation is a real grab 1230

local governments should complete the digital hard task of poverty alleviation for the poor in their region in 2017. Some photovoltaic poverty alleviation project construction contracts were signed and put into operation and acceptance before 1230. Local governments and construction parties are a real force in grabbing 1230, resulting in the imbalance of the bridge

treat the photovoltaic industry from the perspective of dialectical materialism for the last time in 2017 "Chicken blood

2017 3. TLS (5) 0I ~ 2000i shows that the number of photovoltaic installed capacity of spring tension and compression testing machine has broken through. It is expected that photovoltaic module and equipment suppliers have made a lot of money this year. The concept of transition and substitution, and the publicity of 1230 filing deadline as the time point for the assessment and operation of electricity price reduction, has played a role in further improving the performance in 2017, but the result is that the price of the whole supply chain remains high, and the electricity price will be reduced soon in 2018 It's the general trend. If it's still the current component price, how many photovoltaic power station investment enterprises dare to invest soon after the Haizheng polylactic acid project is officially put into the market in 2018

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