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Water soluble acrylic resin of environmental protection coatings

water soluble acrylic resin of environmental protection coatings

September 22, 2020

acrylic resin is a linear polymer resin copolymerized by acrylic acid and acrylate monomers under certain conditions

the water solubility of water-soluble acrylic resin is due to the introduction of hydrophilic groups carboxyl, hydroxyl, amino, amide, etc. in the process of resin synthesis. In order to further increase the water solubility of the resin, amine is added to neutralize and form salt to obtain water solubility, and then water is added to dilute to obtain water-soluble acrylic resin coating. Compared with traditional solvent based coatings, water-soluble coatings have the advantages of low price, safe use, saving resources and energy, reducing environmental pollution and public hazards, and have become the main direction of the current development of coating industry

water soluble acrylic resin coating is a non polluting coating with the fastest development and the most varieties among water-based coatings. Water soluble acrylic resin is used to prepare environment-friendly water-soluble acrylic paint, water-based ink and water-based adhesive 3 When a component is molded and polymerized, the basic resin material can be used as a film-forming connecting material, and can be widely used as the main raw materials for water-based coatings, paper, textile (natural and synthetic) surface treatment agents, leather polish, adhesives and other configurations. During construction, spraying, roller coating, brush coating and other methods can be adopted

with the continuous strengthening of environmental protection laws and regulations, coatings are developing towards "4E", especially water-based coatings with water as dispersion medium and diluent

for example, hy-9065a water-soluble hydroxyl acrylic resin is a hydroxyl acrylic resin specially used for general industrial baking paint. It has good adhesion to various metal substrates when used in combination with amino curing agent. It has high gloss, good hardness and toughness, good weather resistance, good water solubility and other properties

water soluble acrylic resin is mainly used for preparing water-based industrial metal baking paint, which is used for coating electric vehicles, motorcycles, stainless steel doors, aluminum alloy doors and windows, iron barrel outer wall, instruments and equipment, automobiles, coiled materials, rice cookers and other household appliances, etc

product features of water-soluble acrylic resin

1 High hardness and good flexibility

2. High gloss, good fullness, high solidity and low viscosity

3. Good color and light retention

4. Excellent weather resistance and chemical resistance

5. Used for stainless steel, iron plate, zinc plate, aluminum plate, electroplated parts, etc., with good adhesion, flexibility, impact resistance, water resistance, salt spray resistance, salt water resistance and solvent resistance

application examples of water-soluble acrylic alkene resin products

when this product is mixed with partially methylated water-based amino resin, it is recommended that the ratio of thermoplastic clips used for the composite fuselage of A350 XWB aircraft is 4:1 (100% solid content). Due to the wide variety of amino resins, it is easy to operate the products; It can meet the miscibility test of different material test methods, and the optimal ratio can be adjusted through experiments

the recommended baking temperature is 130 ℃ for 30 minutes. If high gloss, high fullness and excellent softness are required, please use imported waterborne amino resin, such as cyanate 325327; If water resistance, salt spray resistance and salt water resistance are required, please use domestic waterborne amino resin, such as Sanmu amino 5717, Yuanbang amino 56, March 14, 2013 25

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