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"We have great confidence in the future development of the enterprise!"—— From a private enterprise, we have great confidence in the future development of the enterprise—— Nanchang, January 24 (Xinhua News Agency) from a private enterprise: "we have great confidence in the future development of the enterprise!"—— From a private enterprise, Liujing and yuxianhong of the Xinhua News Agency carried on innovation and dared to study and replace imports... Although the annual output value of Jiujiang fire fighting equipment Co., Ltd. was only 300million yuan, they saw that the enterprise had sufficient potential for development in an interview with this enterprise a few days ago

in the product exhibition room of the enterprise, a variety of new fire-fighting equipment are dizzying. Fire fighting robot that can replace firefighters to enter the fire source and fire fighting in dangerous places in advance; A marine rescue catapult powered by high-pressure air, with a launching distance of more than 230 meters and an automatic inflatable lifebuoy ejected in 1 second in case of water; Electric shears capable of quickly cutting solid round steel with a diameter of 35mm; There are also hanging escape ladders, mobile fire monitors, portable electric trolleys...

from the original parents' adherence to the production of traditional products to the recent innovation of new products from the supply side, it is not a market force. Liu Feng, general manager of the company, said that at the beginning of his father's business, he was mainly based on the market. There were many types of tested machines, and some fire-fighting products improved their quality, because "he knew well that the market was there." After entering the enterprise in 2004, he participated in foreign fire equipment exhibitions for many times, and preferred to develop some new products that were not available in the domestic market. "The market may not be in front of him, but the innovation of ideas and products can open up a new and larger market."

talking about the importance attached by enterprises to R & D investment, Liu Feng said that the domestic fire equipment industry started relatively late, and many products and basic materials were purchased from abroad at the beginning. "This situation must be changed, and someone must study and break it."

the fire-fighting ladder is a professional equipment that is often used to rescue people and extinguish fires. It is necessary to reduce the weight of the ladder to shorten the rescue preparation time. In the past, the domestic fire-fighting ladder that can stretch to 15 meters high weighed up to 100 kg, while an imported ladder weighed only 75 kg, but the price was as high as 50000 yuan. "Foreign countries can do it, why can't we do it?" Liujunhua said

the ladder seems simple, but there is no domestic enterprise specialized in producing high-strength aluminum alloy materials required for fire ladders, so there are many difficulties in research and development. The company invested millions of yuan to enable upstream manufacturers to "open the furnace" to produce new materials according to the new ladder model designed and developed. Production, testing, adjustment, reproduction and retesting... After five or six rounds of this process, the ladder weighing about 75kg was finally produced at a price of only 20000 yuan. At present, they sell 6000 such ladders every year for professional training, martial arts competition and fire rescue

in order to develop a hydraulic breaking tool that can replace imported products, the researchers of the material company with only one part have tested dozens of kinds. After finding the best materials, they are faced with the problem that technical force, processing equipment, workshop temperature, testing equipment and other aspects need to be invested or upgraded. With an innovative tenacity, after more than a year of repeated trial production, we finally produced satisfactory products

"innovation will certainly encounter difficulties of one kind or another, but it can also complete the three-stage control of force, deformation and displacement in one experiment. Standing still will be eliminated sooner or later." Liu Feng said that the enterprise focused on its own production and supply side, increased innovation in the operation process of the hydraulic pressure testing machine, and led the intelligent development direction of the professional market

Jiujiang fire fighting equipment Co., Ltd. has also carried out research and development of intelligent fire fighting equipment for 7 years, and has invested nearly 10 million yuan in research and development. The size of fire-fighting robots has grown from the size of automobiles to the size of children's carts. From analog signals to digital signals and WiFi connections, the products have evolved to the fifth generation, which can meet a variety of scenarios such as smoke exhaust and fire fighting. The products have entered more than one third of the Province in China

in recent years, this enterprise has raised another 150million yuan by itself, purchased a batch of advanced automatic production equipment, product testing equipment and instruments, built five professional fire equipment testing rooms, built more scientific research platforms and enriched product types

the initiative innovation of enterprises is strongly supported by the local government. From supporting the expansion of the land scale of nearly 80 mu to the government guaranteed loan of 10million yuan, from organizing enterprise management training to providing various innovation incentives and tax relief of hundreds of thousands of yuan... Today, the amplified signal voltage can reach 10V conversion chip into a digital signal enterprise, which has developed from a dozen people to a modern technology enterprise with more than 60 R & D personnel and 68 national patent product certificates. As a result, this private enterprise has gradually moved from Jiangxi to the world, and its products have been sold to more than 20 countries such as Germany, Brazil and India

with the support of "YINGSHANHONG action" in Jiangxi Province, Jiujiang Fire Equipment Co., Ltd. is also stepping up the joint-stock reform and preparing for IPO

"with the support of the government and our own efforts, we are confident in the future development of the enterprise by persisting in innovation!" Liujunhua said

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