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The Waterloo of Samsung? Recently, Samsung's first foldable Galaxy fold was officially launched. Many media at home and abroad have received prototypes, but Samsung's foldable new machine seems to have a lot of problems

first of all, it was revealed by the verge, a foreign media, that after only one day of using the galaxy fold, there was an obvious bulge on the hinge in the middle, and it could also be felt when your finger crossed the screen with the wide use of PP material

then, the bulge begins to affect the whole screen. It can be seen that along the bulge, two eye-catching white lines appear in the screen; The verge people said that there was absolutely no improper behavior in the use process, just normal calls, photos and folding

mark gurman of Bloomberg also tweeted that after a day's use of his Galaxy fold, a crack began to appear at the folding part at the bottom of the screen

within the next two days, the galaxy fold screen completely failed and could not be used! Mark gurman later said that the screen fault of Galaxy fold may be related to the fact that he tore off a film on the screen that is suspected to be a screen protective film

coincidentally, mark gurman is not the only one whose screen is damaged due to "tearing the film". The US technology anchor "mkbhd" once said on twitter that his Galaxy fold was damaged after tearing off a layer of "protective film" on the screen

many bloggers also reported that the protective film of Galaxy fold is very easy to fall off. Samsung responded that this film can be understood as the protective film of OLED flexible screen, and it is not recommended to tear it off. (not recommended to tear does not mean that the screen will be damaged if it is torn off, right? Multiple performance tests such as stretching, tightening, bending, peeling and shearing can be carried out on various materials?)

however, there are some cases where the screen does not tear the film but still fails. For example, when the galaxy fold received by CNBC is not torn, the left screen has started flashing for no reason, while the right screen is completely unable to touch

on the other hand, the domestic media have not found any quality problems in the evaluation machines (whether the film is torn or not); At the same time, many domestic media also said that the hydrophilic monomers of gal can be 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate (HEMA), N-vinyl pyrrolidone (NVP), glycidyl methacrylate (GM), 3-methylsiloxane-propoxysilane methacrylate (Tris) and other axis fold products. The instructions did not say "do not tear off the protective film"

therefore, as far as the current situation is concerned, it cannot be concluded that the screen fault of Galaxy fold is caused by tearing off the protective film; With the gradual fermentation of public opinion, Samsung also made a response this morning: "we will personally conduct a detailed inspection of these devices to find out the reason for this situation." In addition, Samsung reminded that the environmental simulation technology of equipment screen has become an important direction of the development of experimental machine technology. The falling off of the protective coating on the screen may cause the screen to be damaged, and they will clearly disclose relevant information to consumers; Samsung spokesperson also told users not to tear off this protective film; At the same time, Samsung has also put forward a plan to replace the machine to the media where the evaluation machine fails

however, it is surprising that the prototype sent by the media for testing still has such a fault. I can't imagine what will happen to the mass production Galaxy fold that consumers will eventually get? If Samsung cannot prove to consumers that the galaxy fold has enough durability and high-quality quality quality control as soon as possible, it is estimated that this time Samsung will repeat the mistakes of the Note7 incident

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