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This paper discusses the ways to realize high-efficiency NC machining from the aspects of process technology information management and process information construction, cad/cam/capp software application, NC program preparation and technology application development, workshop production management and so on, I hope it can be used for reference by readers

As the representative of advanced productive forces, NC machining technology plays an important role in the manufacturing fields of automobile, mold, aerospace, machinery and electronics, and greatly promotes the development of productive forces in scientific research and production. The application of NC machining technology has improved the development of traditional manufacturing industry as a whole. How to achieve the goal of high-efficiency NC machining in manufacturing enterprises has always been one of the core concerns of enterprise leaders, managers and researchers

as an advanced manufacturing technology introduced for many years, CNC technology has a high technical content and involves many aspects, including the rapid and efficient NC machining programming, multi axis linkage machining of spatial free-form surfaces, the cutting of difficult to machine materials as a whole, the application of high-speed machining, the standardization and standardization of NC process programming, etc. To a large extent, the efficiency of NC machining is related to the enterprise's own technology management mode. Especially in the early stage, how to overcome the difficulties of a new and difficult technology application in a short time and make it more efficient is the main problem that enterprises must pay attention to

I. informatization construction of process technology

there are some defects in the process technology management of existing domestic enterprises, and the enterprises have not adopted an effective management mode according to their own strength and development strategy. The backward information management of process technology is mainly reflected in the insufficient sharing of product design and manufacturing process information resources, the confusion of NC process programming and management, the poor combination of NC process and ordinary process, the uneven application level of cad/cam software, the low degree of standardization and standardization of NC processing process and program, and the low degree of realization of the parallel mode of product design, NC process and NC programming. According to the information construction and management requirements of manufacturing process, the process information construction can be carried out from the following aspects

1. Sharing of product design and process information resources

the most important thing in the information construction of manufacturing process is to make full use of product design graphics and document resources, and make full use of the successful manufacturing and processing experience of enterprise products. For example, using the three-dimensional graphics of products can reduce the three-dimensional modeling time of NC programmers, while the three-dimensional modeling almost consumes 50% of the time of NC programming. The establishment of tool information database, cutting parameter database of difficult to machine materials, positioning information of S1 scanning time (s or min), machining process and program template of typical materials and parts, expert database, etc. will help to improve the quality and efficiency of programming. It is necessary to make full use of PDM and network resources to establish and develop the internal process information management system of the enterprise and share all possible manufacturing information resources

2. Combination of NC machining and traditional machining

NC process and ordinary process should be reasonably connected. The most important thing is to take different measures according to the different characteristics of product design status, batch requirements, production cycle, machining accuracy and production cost. In the process of process scheme design, comprehensive consideration should be given to the product design status, processing mode, the design and manufacture of the hydraulic pump suction system sometimes used for the tooling and fixture, the selection of cutting tools, the combination of rough and fine processing modes, the centralized division of processes, the equipment status and capacity of the enterprise, etc. The actual application also needs to combine the enterprise equipment capacity, the level of skilled workers and technicians and other factors. According to the processing characteristics of developed products and batch production products, the development process and batch production process countermeasures suitable for their respective requirements are adopted to realize the perfect combination of NC processing and traditional processing

3. Parallel programming of NC process and programming

in the early stage of the process, NC programming becomes passive to active, which can greatly reduce this type of error or risk. Only during the three-dimensional modeling of products and the preparation of numerical control programs can the problems in the processes and programs be completely found. This is because the numerical control processes and programs must ensure that the qualified products can be completely processed. Unlike ordinary processes, as long as there are no problems in general and the size is not omitted, whether the parts can be fully processed depends on the experience and level of technical workers. The realization of parallel mode of NC process program can be realized from the sharing of 3D CAD model of design products, the single person responsibility system of NC process program, the participation of NC technical workers in the preparation of NC program, and the special responsibility system of NC machining process and program

4. Standardization of NC process programming

to a certain extent, the standardization of NC process programming reflects the application level of the enterprise's own NC machining technology. It restricts the diversification of NC programs through standardization, and then improves the quality of tool path, such as specifying positioning datum, tool setting datum, coordinate system, tool parameters and cutting parameters in the process. It can be programmed in many aspects, such as the machining of two-dimensional contour, the machining of three-dimensional surface, the use of fixed cycle and subroutine, tool compensation, rough and fine machining strategy of tool path, etc. Based on the processing experience of typical parts, the establishment of standardized processing process templates and NC program templates can greatly improve the quality of process programs and the processing efficiency of products

5. Database management of NC process program

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