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China has its own green tires

on April 27, when the whole country welcomed the opening of the Shanghai WorldExpo, good news came from Huayi Group: a commercial truck tire launched by shuangqian Group Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the group, has obtained the top certification from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). As a result, shuangqian group has become the first tire enterprise in China whose products have passed EPA certification, and has obtained an access certificate for China to join one clamp with the upper joint in the global "green tire" field

the "Smartway" (Intelligent Transportation) certification issued by the US Environmental Protection Agency is a third-party demonstration by an international authoritative testing agency, mainly to encourage consumers to buy cars and auto parts including tires after such certification. Previously, only the products of enterprises in the United States, France, Japan, Germany and South Korea have passed this certification. According to EPA, shuangqian group's commercial truck tire (pattern ft105) can reduce NOx emissions and save fuel by more than 3%. According to this calculation, 240 ~ 400 liters of diesel oil can be saved for each tire, which is equivalent to reducing 750 ~ 1250kg of carbon dioxide emissions

liuxunfeng, President of Huayi Group and chairman of shuangqian group, said that shuangqian group has long adhered to the development concept of technology leading, paid attention to the technical development trends and trends of domestic and foreign industries, and closely combined the social and enterprise development of environmental protection and sustainable development. In February2008, shuangqian group formally put forward the idea of developing "green tires" and set up a key research project aiming at the international leading level and international advanced standards of the industry. At the end of 2008, the group increased the investment in science and technology, vigorously promoted the research and application of innovative technologies, broke through a number of technical problems and bottlenecks, and completed a number of technical innovations through careful organization and design. 3. The upper crossbeam moved the lower crossbeam through the support of the support rod to adjust the experimental space. The successful development of this product indicates that shuangqian group has made another breakthrough in independent innovation and that China's tire industry has its own "green tire"

it is understood that energy-saving and new energy vehicles are the development direction of future vehicles, and the energy-saving of tyres, which affect about 20% of vehicle energy consumption, is very important. "Green tire" refers to a new generation of tire products that have the advantages of lower rolling resistance, lower fuel consumption, more wear resistance and ride comfort than the existing radial tire products. It highlights the advantages of environmental protection, energy saving, new technology and new materials, and is a concentrated embodiment of tire technology progress. At present, the European Union, the United States and other developed countries have set a certain amount of water legislation in the water supply system, and put forward limit requirements for the rolling resistance of tires, hoping to further reduce the fuel consumption and exhaust emissions of automobiles through the technological progress of tires

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