We can't just blame sweatshops

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There are many reports about whether Jiulong paper, the former richest man of "sweatshop"

Zhang Yin, is a sweatshop. There are both positive and negative chain reactions caused by overload. Two can be found on April 26. One is from the information times: a multi department survey shows that Zhang Yin's Nine Dragons Paper is not a sweatshop; The other comes from China Times: the truth of Nine Dragons Paper sweatshop: 3000 employees were forced to leave their jobs years ago

whether Nine Dragons Paper is a sweatshop depends on the criteria adopted by the judges to define a sweatshop

there are four main standards to choose from: first, the standards that exist in the hearts of different judges, often reflecting the expectations of different judges for a better work and living environment; Second, the current national and local legal standards; Third, the current legal standards of other countries and regions; Fourth, the established standards in the real society. In some countries, this standard is obviously higher than the legal standard, while in other countries, this standard is often lower than the standard of grinding cylinder with clearance seal for the cylinder of microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine. Unfortunately, China's actual national conditions fall into the latter category

Hong Kong students accuse Nine Dragons Paper of being a sweatshop, apparently adopting the third standard, namely, the current legal standard in Hong Kong. When this matter becomes the focus of public opinion, the public will adopt the first standard, namely, the expectation for a better working and living environment, while the law enforcement department can only adopt the second standard, namely, the current national and local legal standards, And refer to the fourth standard, namely the realistic standard, to decide whether to punish. This puts nine dragons in a moral dilemma. According to the current legal standards, even if Nine Dragons Paper is not a sweatshop, or at least not seriously illegal, it is still a sweatshop according to the standards of most judges

in order to get rid of the moral dilemma, we must ensure that the current legal standards should be the product of all people putting their own standards on the table, through mutual consultation, equal game and mutual compromise. We must not adopt the way of internal legislation, otherwise we cannot guarantee that the written laws have moral rationality at the same time. Different cultural traditions, customs and habits, especially the level of social and economic development, determine the level of standards in different countries and regions. CSI Index Co., Ltd. will release the CSI new material theme index, CSI coal index and CSI founder Fubang insurance theme index on February 13

society is a machine with extremely complex structure. Mutual negotiation, equal game and mutual compromise are the basic elements to maintain the normal work of each part of the machine, and cannot act on a single part. If Nine Dragons Paper and other enterprises are more helpless than individual workers in other links, and are injured in the business environment, taxes and other links at the same time, will they still be able to implement the high standards of labor treatment commensurate with the level of social and economic development? Either the standards are forcibly reduced to a level that they can bear, or the enterprises take the initiative to transfer and close down, and everyone will be clapped and scattered, that's all

even after the legal standards have been established, whether the specific standards are high or low, they are faced with the big problem of implementation. If the implementation and implementation are not good, other enterprises are acting in violation of the law. Enterprises that act in strict accordance with the law will be in a very disadvantageous position in the competition and may be eliminated by inferior currencies, which will force all enterprises to try every means to exploit the loopholes of the law in the early days of the founding of the people's Republic of China, or even blatantly break the law. In the real society, the established standard is lower than the legal standard, mainly because of this

we should not blindly accuse enterprises of being inhumane or workers of being born cheap. For example, on the issue of overtime, there are two enterprises in the low-end industrial chain that also pay wages according to legal standards. One clearly emphasizes the need to work overtime, which overtime must exceed the standards stipulated in the labor law, while the other promises not to work overtime anyway. Which enterprise is easier to recruit workers? In real life, it must be the company that works overtime, as long as the company does not deduct overtime pay. Because the legal standard income per unit time is quite low, which can not meet the needs of workers' daily life. Unless the legal income standard rises significantly, although workers hate overtime, they will still take the initiative to ask for overtime. Enterprises that do not give them overtime opportunities will be given up

Foxconn was the former and general motors was the latter. Now nine dragons paper has been accused of being a sweatshop. To be honest, considering the real life, the labor treatment of these enterprises is not only not bad, but also quite good. This requires us not to regard it as an independent event, but to reflect deeply; Why in real life, enterprises that operate well and are not badly treated will become the target of public criticism; Although the current legal standards are not in line with the social and economic level, they have made the management cry out for their pain. The shock caused by the new labor contract law is not without intensity. These can not be simply attributed to the greed and good disguise of the management. Instead, they should negotiate with each other, play games on an equal footing, compromise with each other, and actively take measures to reduce the burden on enterprises, improve the business environment and stimulate economic development, The higher legal standards corresponding to the social and economic level can also be accepted by enterprises. And we should vigorously strengthen the implementation and implementation of the established standards to ultimately benefit all

what the society needs is cooperation rather than confrontation and simple and rough orders. It is to achieve equal cooperation in all aspects. The most intense game is also to achieve cooperation intention and maximize the common interests of all parties to the game. Otherwise, there is no need to play the game and establish a sound legal system. Just draw the sword and bleed in five steps

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