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Keep going for love! We are serious about public welfare

the story of an African woman named astrina moved more than 200 on-site audiences. China and Africa are separated by vast oceans, but China Africa friendship, such as mountains and rivers, continues. A vivid story, a vivid case, XCMG's great love, has never stopped

On January 14, the 8th China public welfare festival was held in Beijing. XCMG won the "2018 special tribute Award" and the "Model Award for listed companies" for its achievements in 14 global precision public welfare projects in five public welfare fields

China's modulus of elasticity festival was established in 2011. It is the first festival jointly initiated by the mass media and named after "public welfare". The activity aims to carry forward the spirit of public welfare, advocate public welfare behaviors, and build a platform for in-depth dialogue, cooperation and communication among various parties. Every year, the public welfare festival will attract guests, scholars and media from all walks of life to have in-depth discussions on public welfare. Today, the public welfare Festival has become the most influential annual event in the field of public welfare

in the sharing segment, Han Bing, deputy general manager of XCMG group, gave a keynote speech on "let love speak for a better world", sharing XCMG's comprehensive brand strength and public welfare innovation road in the new era, which won the deep recognition of all experts, scholars and media present

one trust, thousands of trust

a water cellar, I'm looking forward to it

when sharing the public welfare projects of XCMG Africa Ethiopia, President Han vividly told the story of astrina, an ordinary Ethiopian woman, which attracted the attention of all the audience. XCMG has built 81 water cellars in Ethiopia in two years and six months. With the help of XCMG water cellars, the living environment and quality of life of astrina, one of the beneficiaries, have undergone tremendous changes. "Starting from scratch and starting from scratch, XCMG has successfully explored the public welfare way for Chinese enterprises to achieve sustainable development in Ethiopia by developing experimental machine products that show experimental data and results," President Han firmly said

one world, love together

in recent years, XCMG has actively responded to the national targeted poverty alleviation strategy, deeply cultivated five public welfare fields, and implemented 14 global targeted public welfare projects, so that people of different skin colors living in the same world can feel the warmth from XCMG

XCMG has set up various public welfare platforms in 15 countries and regions around the world, including Sichuan, Africa, Ethiopia, Brazil, Guinea and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, to convey the tenderness and love of the world. Every year, more than 24000 left behind children and aspiring youth use the universal experimental machine as an automobile detection instrument for the world to fly their dreams and pass on the hope of love

XCMG won the "2018 special tribute Award" and the "Model Award for listed companies"

the end

love is a kind of trust, a kind of comfort, and a kind of continuation. XCMG always takes making the world a better place as its mission, and makes public welfare more warm and profound. In the future, XCMG will unite with more partners, achieve symbiosis and win-win results, hand in hand to transmit the power of love, and let love speak for a better world

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