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Warmly congratulate Yishang home on winning the title of China's top 500 Pan home furnishing developing enterprises and successfully becoming one of the member units of China's overall home furnishing alliance. The home building materials industry has been in a state of vigorous development, and will usher in another round of spring with the development of real estate enterprises in 2013. However, a breakthrough is still needed in the home building materials market in order to achieve the steady development of the industry. This time, the "top 500 enterprises in the development of China's Pan home furnishing industry" is of great significance to promote the development of the home furnishing building materials industry. As a leading brand in the customized home furnishing industry, Yishang furniture is committed to providing customers with "full house customized furniture" services. It now has a modern panel furniture production base and a new German Haomai fully automatic CNC flexible production line. It takes the lead in introducing the world's leading furniture software system, seamlessly connecting front-end store sales and back-end production, solves the bottleneck problems in the industry, and realizes the mass customized production of panel furniture, In terms of product quality and delivery time, we can reach the recognition of customers, and strive to bring more and better home building materials products to our customers. This time, Yishang home was awarded the title of "top 500 enterprises in China's Pan home development", which represents the recognition of the industry for the fruitful development of Yishang home over the years. Yishang home will continue its rapid development momentum and make more contributions to the development of customized home furnishing industry




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