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After years of development, the competition in domestic door and window shopping malls has become increasingly fierce. Now, the first and second tier shopping malls tend to be full, and at the moment when the way sinking has become a normalization strategic policy, the third and fourth tier shopping malls pioneered by urbanization construction are no longer a blue ocean. Facing such a heated competition situation, it is more necessary to find the key to launch the door and window brand

first of all, recognize the situation and seize the opportunity

door and window enterprises recognize that the market situation is the condition for their pioneering shopping malls. Compared with the sword, the faster the speed of the sword, the better to master the rhythm of the competition, control the situation of the whole competition, and then achieve the success of the competition. As for door and window enterprises, if the company wants to seize the market very well, it must fight back quickly. This requires the door and window enterprises to grasp the market information and development trend in a timely and accurate manner, make corresponding adjustments quickly and sensitively, and then follow the market development very well to seize the first opportunity

secondly, precise positioning and clear policies

only by deepening the understanding of their own practice and doing a good job in the precise positioning of shopping malls can we formulate a more appropriate and efficient development strategy for the company's development. In the competition of sword, as long as your sword stabs into the useful part of your opponent accurately, you can score and succeed in the competition. For door and window enterprises, the same is true. As long as you recognize the clear market policy, you can carry out targeted and more efficient development strategies, and then accurately and efficiently seize the market opportunity and seize the market share

finally, we should abide by our conscience to ensure quality

in the process of practice, door and window enterprises are required to strictly request themselves. Constantly improve the trial production technology and commercial quality of commodities, strengthen the innovation of commodities, and provide consumers with high-quality commodities, rather than using immoral methods to seize others' achievements, plagiarism, counterfeiting, etc; Don't transfer the competition pressure to consumers. For the sake of the company's own interests, violate the interests of consumers, and produce and sell substandard goods. It is the key for the company to attract consumers and seize the market to improve its own business quality. After all, what consumers most value is the quality of goods

with the increasingly fierce competition in shopping malls, the survival of the fittest among door and window brands is also intensifying. At this moment, door and window enterprises need to find the key, and avoid blind development. Only by recognizing the situation, positioning accurately, and weighing the pros and cons, can we find a suitable way for ourselves to carry out, and then grasp the market opportunities





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