Mengshi wooden gate 10000 people rob the factory a

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On July 28, 2019, the nationwide promotion of Mengshi wooden door, which shocked the whole city, and the "ten thousand people rob the factory" activity, came in hot! Peak Juhui, full fire

the "ten thousand people rob the factory" activity of Mengshi wooden door has a strong linkage across the province, and the whole country starts robbing at the same time! Crazy start! Mengshi wooden door dealer team from all over the country continues to move forward bravely, strive to be in the front line of the market, and give back to consumers with better quality, better service and greater discounts. With the attitude and determination of fighting against the enemy, take the initiative to seize the market, and with the determination of victory, defend the overall victory of the national promotional activity "ten thousand people rob the factory" of Mengshi wooden door

all dealers of Mengshi wooden door have made great efforts to do a good job in the early stage of water storage. After the start of the activity, good news has spread frequently, and the list has been published continuously. PK competitions in all war zones of Mengshi wooden door have doubled the sales performance year-on-year, with fruitful results

this time, our scope of activities and strength are unprecedented.

manufacturers make unprecedented profits, and the implementation intensity is unprecedented.

a group of people in more than 30 provinces and cities across the country, more than 600 franchised stores.

a group of people, working together, will surely win.

strong brand strength, excellent product quality,

intimate one-stop service,

is the only reason for consumers to choose Montessori wood doors

Mengshi wooden door "ten thousand people rob the factory" activity,

July 28, looking forward to your arrival





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