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Packaging differences lead to price changes. It is difficult to distinguish the consumer price difference

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core tip: different prices of the same kind of goods are not only the charm of packaging, but also the misunderstanding of packaging

Ms. Yu, who bought a bag of instant noodles in the supermarket, found this situation. Ms. Yu said that it is also braised beef noodles. The bag is only 2.5 yuan a package, while the box is 4 yuan. The price is 1.5 yuan too expensive. Ms. Yu believes that it is estimated that the price is mainly on the packing box. I visited several supermarkets and found that the packaging of similar foods is different, and there are still some differences in prices. Take a Danish cookie of a certain brand as an example. The net weight of carton packaging is 163 grams, and the price is 16.5 yuan. It's also this kind of biscuit. It's packed in an iron box with a net weight of 200g. The price is 32 yuan

it seems that different packaging materials bring about differences in packaging prices

supermarket staff said that the price of iron box packaging must be higher, because the cost of iron box itself is higher than that of carton packaging, so the price of goods with the same net weight will be different. The price difference is so big that I'm sure I'll choose fan case carton for packaging. Anyway, they eat by themselves without paying too much attention to the outer packaging. Said a customer who was shopping

apart from materials, are there other factors affecting the packaging price? It is understood that not only the prices of canned, barreled and bagged goods are different, but the goods bundled together are often cheaper than those sold individually. For example, the price of five packs bundled together is cheaper than those purchased individually. If you often want to see if there are equipment with large amplitude around and use the same commodity, you can choose the type of bundled packaging. Take instant noodles as an example. Products with the same net weight are cheaper in bags than in boxes. It's only 2.82 yuan per bag, and the price of 5.5 grams of bread is the cheapest, which is only 2.44 yuan per bag

when it comes to packaging prices, the biggest impact is on luxury packaging and high-end consumer goods. Of course, the tea market is often difficult to extricate itself

according to the external organization principle of the foam granulator

the price of spring tea dominated by Longjing is relatively rational. Compared with previous years, it is difficult to see spring tea with a unit price of more than 10000 yuan. Several tea merchants said that this year, the market price of tea industry is relatively rational, and the price of some consumer Pu'er has fallen by about 30%. The tea market is returning rationally. Individual consumer tea has begun to dominate the market, and the brand and quality have attracted more attention

after the Qingming Festival, Longjing and other spring teas were successively listed in our city. Yesterday, I visited the city's tea market and found that compared with the previous two years, the market price of this year's tea industry is relatively rational, and there is no trace of 10000 yuan spring tea and luxury packaging

it seems that rational consumption choices also have a great impact on the market. Due to the low output of Longjing before the Ming Dynasty, it is particularly precious. Although the price this year is not low, it is more rational without the virtual high in previous years. Longjing, produced in West Lake of Hangzhou, is priced at about 8000 yuan per kilogram this year, while Longjing produced in Qiantang, Yuexiang and other places is priced at about 2000 yuan per kilogram

recently, a news about the 50% price reduction of Dayi Pu'er was widely spread in the circle of friends. Later, the manufacturer refuted the rumor, but the news still aroused speculation about the price reduction of Pu'er in the industry

since last year, the price of consumer Pu'er has indeed declined, and the price of some kinds of Pu'er has fallen by about 30%. For some Pu'er tea with high collection value, the price has not decreased, but increased by about 10%


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