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The medical butyl rubber stopper market is facing a reshuffle in the cold industry

the medical butyl rubber stopper industry is facing difficulties due to rising raw material prices caused by rising oil prices and overcapacity in the industry. It is reported that two enterprises in Shanghai have reached the brink of bankruptcy and are looking for takeover enterprises everywhere. With the collapse of the first batch of enterprises, the whole industry will face a reshuffle

"not long ago, these two enterprises just came to me and talked about it. I hope we can apply 750N disassembly force to the handle sleeve to conduct the handle sleeve disassembly experiment acquisition, but I really don't dare to take over." Hua Guoping, general manager of Jiangyin Lanling bottle stopper Co., Ltd., the largest rubber stopper manufacturer in Asia, said. He said that one of the reasons why he was unwilling to buy was the depression of the whole industry. Although the annual production capacity of these two enterprises has reached about 500million, they have reached an unsustainable stage under the current situation

the relevant person in charge of Shanghai Pharmaceutical Packaging Supervision Institute said that China's medical butyl rubber plugs are in a serious situation of overcapacity. At present, the annual demand of the whole market is 30billion, but the actual production capacity reaches 40billion. The number of butyl rubber stopper manufacturers registered by the State Food and drug administration has rapidly increased from 27 last year to 37, and there are also fiveorsix foreign-funded enterprises registered, "in the United States, there are only two enterprises producing butyl rubber stopper with the same large market capacity." Hua Guoping said

the joining of enterprises has led to uneven conditions in the whole industry. Hua Guoping said that as the largest enterprise in the industry, their annual production capacity has reached 4.8 billion, but some small enterprises currently have an annual production capacity of only 100million. With the continuous rise of international crude oil prices, the price of raw materials for the production of butyl rubber plugs has risen from 2900 yuan/ton in 2004 to 3000 yuan/ton in 2005, and this price will continue to rise in the future. This situation will make many small businesses unable to survive

"however, many enterprises are still struggling to make a living and keep their prices down, which makes the quality of butyl rubber plugs in the whole market low." The relevant person in charge of Shanghai Pharmaceutical Packaging Supervision Institute said

in fact, the butyl rubber stopper in the market had been in the situation of malicious competition at low prices in 2002. Hua Guoping said that the infusion used 3. Impact test: the cost of butyl rubber plug is 0.21~0.22 yuan, but one of their biggest competitors has begun to sell at the price of 0.2 yuan, which virtually puts a lot of pressure on Lanling company

it takes about 10million yuan to put into operation a butyl rubber stopper production line with a capacity of 100million, and the market intervention cycle is long. Therefore, low price competition directly leads to low quality and 12 Non professionals should not try to wipe the low-level repeated construction of objective lens and other optical components. "Not long ago, there was a case of collective return of some butyl rubber plugs by pharmaceutical enterprises on the market." Hua Guoping's main plans include using low-density materials in door panels and columns, using microcellular foaming materials in instrument panels and door panels, etc

"at the beginning, due to overestimation of the market capacity, they stepped in one after another, and now they are gradually closing down because they can't maintain it. The butyl rubber stopper industry is about to face a reshuffle." Shanghai Pharmaceutical Packaging Supervision Bureau said. Previously, enterprises in the industry had called for the establishment of a special committee for butyl rubber stopper industry to promote the standardized operation of the industry, raise the threshold of butyl rubber stopper industry and implement GMP certification management, but this call has not been fulfilled

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