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The medical industry is the "pastry" of the machine tool market.

on February 17, 2012, Hyundai Heavy Industries of South Korea officially released the research and development plan for the next generation of medical robots, representing Hyundai Heavy Industries to officially enter the era of comprehensive research and development of medical robots. Will robots be popularized in the medical industry in the future? Why does modern heavy industry attach so much importance to the medical industry? Once this news was disclosed, it immediately triggered an important discussion in the industry on "how attractive the medical market is". In the machine tool industry, enterprises are also flocking to the medical industry as a key industry in the future

how big is the medical device market?

at a medical device industry development forum, Liu Diankui, deputy director of the planning and Finance Department of the Ministry of health, said that the reform of the medical and health system has provided unprecedented opportunities and broad development space for the development of the domestic medical device industry

at present, China's "medical reform plan" has been implemented for many years. Medical systems and units at all levels will rapidly develop in the direction of "separating medicine and supporting medicine with medicine". Hospitals and clinics at all levels will compete to purchase a large number of medical equipment in order to make up for the lack of main operating income of the original "15% increase in the price of drugs" and increase profits

it is reported that from 2012 to 2015, the central government will consider supporting grassroots medical institutions to equip with basic equipment, strengthen the construction of experimental capacity of provincial, municipal and county-level CDCs, professional prevention and control institutions of public health and occupational health prevention and control institutions, and equip them with necessary equipment. The market demand for medical devices will grow rapidly at a geometric speed

China's medical device market has huge space. Caitianzhi, director of the medical device Department of China Chamber of Commerce for the import and export of medical and health products, said that at present, there are 1708 state-owned enterprises, 4875 foreign-funded enterprises and 18022 private enterprises involved in the structural device market of medical mhh-5 wood-based panel scratch tester in China. Shanghai, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Beijing and Zhejiang are the concentration of China's medical device trade, and the five provinces and cities account for more than 70% of China's medical device trade

foreign capital is still the main force in the current market

Liu Diankui said that during the "12th Five Year Plan" period, medical institutions will be effectively guided to use domestic medical devices by economic means. However, compared with foreign-funded medical device enterprises, where is the difference between domestic and foreign medical device enterprises? Domestic medical device enterprises are still in a weak position. At present, the medical device products with high import share in China are mainly medium and high-end, especially in the field of cardiac pacemaker and bone clip installation, which should not be completely locked and implanted into the Department of medical devices. Foreign enterprises occupy the main market

similarly, as the key medium and high-end equipment for the manufacturing of medical devices and equipment, machine tools are also dominated by foreign capital in the processing of tibial brackets, hip joints, knee joints, femoral caps and rods, and general transplant parts

GF Achilles of Switzerland has fully demonstrated its strong strength in the processing of medical devices. The launch of mikronucp600variortt five axis linkage high-performance boring and milling machining center provides a very flexible solution for multi variety and small batch production in the medical industry. The processing method of one-time clamping to complete multi-faceted processing makes it meet the processing requirements of a variety of medical appliances, including bone plates, femoral files, artificial joints and so on. Therefore, it has become one of the models with a high share in the global medical industry

tonas, Switzerland, launched sigma20 machine tools especially for the Chinese market. According to Wang Kai, the marketing director of tonas China, the stability and accuracy of this machine are very prominent. The structure of the main shaft/sub main shaft is completely symmetrical, and the balance of the processing beat is very good. It is especially favored by the high-end industry of medical orthopedics, especially spinal orthopedic screws. Its processing efficiency is very high, and about a dozen sets can be sold in China every year

as we all know, lasers are closely related to surgical accuracy. They can complete tasks quickly and reliably, and have pulse to pulse stability and consistent and repeatable quality. Due to its versatility and special ability, laser is the best production tool for cutting, welding and marking medical technology products. The application of tongkuai laser in marking, cutting and welding in the field of medical technology production has reached the peak. Its flexible, accurate and repeatable characteristics provide an important guarantee for the sustainable and healthy development of the medical industry

cutting tools play a vital role in the processing of precision medical devices with particularly strict requirements. At the "2011 medical implant Innovation Technology Summit Forum", Sandvik Keleman experts made wonderful speeches at the conference on topics such as metal processing tool solutions for medical devices and Sandvik artificial joints and medical materials. Sandvik Keleman's star cutting tools in the field of metal processing of medical devices include: the R & D and utilization of new longitudinal cutting materials suitable for various specifications, 1 which shows the innovation ability and comprehensive national strength to a certain extent; Domestically, the coromill325 thread whirlwind milling cutter body and blade of the machine tool, as well as the QS quick change tool holder system with quick change ability and more combined with high-precision coolant holes

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