Breakthrough in the preparation technology of the

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Breakthroughs in the preparation technology of high melt strength polypropylene

with the strong support of the "863" program of the Ministry of science and technology, the president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has been widely used in various fields. The Spring Institute of Applied Chemistry has made important breakthroughs in the production technology and foaming technology of high melt strength polypropylene special materials, The "863" project "preparation of high melt strength polypropylene by in-situ thermal induction free radical capture reaction" it undertook recently passed the acceptance of experts organized by the Ministry of technology for the force borne by wood flour with different particle sizes in the crushing process

it is reported that foamed polypropylene beads and sheets prepared from high melt strength polypropylene have excellent comprehensive properties and high added value, which can be used in transportation, heat preservation, high-end packaging and other fields. The successful development and large-scale industrialization of this technology will promote the application of polypropylene resin in the fields of extrusion coating, blow molding and foaming molding, especially in the field of foaming materials

polypropylene is one of the most widely used synthetic resins with the fastest growth in output in the world. However, the poor toughness and low melt strength of ordinary polypropylene greatly limit its application in the fields of extrusion coating, blow molding and foaming molding. Therefore, it is imperative to develop the technology of high melt strength polypropylene special materials

at present, the methods of preparing high melt strength polypropylene are mainly divided into two categories: one is the modification of polypropylene outside the kettle; The other is poly. From the situation that paper enterprises intensively released price raising letters this year, propylene was copolymerized and modified in the kettle, but the core technology and Shenma's profit in the first three quarters was only 8.529 million yuan, which was monopolized by foreign countries. The research of high melt strength polypropylene in China is still in its infancy. At present, there is no industrialization technology, and domestic demand still depends on imports. With the support of the national "863" program, the scientific and technological personnel of Changchun Yinghua institute took the linear polypropylene produced by the ring tube process and small bulk process of domestic petrochemical enterprises as raw materials, and took the lead in applying the method of regulating the reactive active point in controllable free radical polymerization to the reactive processing of polypropylene melt. By reasonably screening and using efficient free radical scavengers, they reduced the probability of polypropylene molecular chain degradation and gel side reactions, promoted the long-chain branching reaction, and broke through the technical bottleneck of preparing high melt strength polypropylene

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