Breakthrough in the industrial test of tunnel bori

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Beijing heavy industry group TBM industrial test has made a breakthrough

the industrial test of Beijing heavy industry group TBM takes the unprecedented hot lithium battery in China (2) the surrounding non corrosive medium pool market is forming a new pattern of killing China, Japan and South Korea

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night of September 17, Good news came from the gujiabao No. 2 tunnel in Zhuozi Mountain, Wulanchabu City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region: the industrial test of the tunnel boring machine developed by China North Heavy Industry Group Corporation in the gujiabao No. 2 tunnel is progressing smoothly and has been highly praised by users

on September 18, the author rushed to the No. 2 tunnel of gujiabao in Zhuozi Mountain. At this time, the hauler was hauling the excavated rocks. The driver said: before, one shift a day was enough. Today, we have arranged three shifts and haven't finished pulling. Shan Jigang, director of the quality and Technology Department of the construction machinery company, said, "since the Jinan experimental machine factory opened at 2:30 yesterday afternoon to help you design test equipment, more than 30 vehicles of earth and rock have been excavated in only 2 hours, while only 10 vehicles of earth and rock can be pulled out every day."

according to the introduction, facing the broad market demand, the construction machinery company broke the convention from development to production trial production, and with the sense of urgency that time waits for no man, it took only 10 months to complete the design and production trial production of the whole machine. The tunnel boring machine developed has high overall configuration and good working performance. It is equipped with the functions and equipment required for large section tunnel construction, including water tank, cable drum and wireless remote control lamp. The section height can be excavated in place at one time, with strong rock breaking ability, good receiving effect and high construction efficiency

TBM is a promising work for engineering machinery companies to re decompose and combine the technical and technological advantages of their products, transform and upgrade the original TBM product form, and develop new products that meet the new needs of the market in the face of the overall shrinkage of the coal machine market and the fact that the production of coal machine products alone cannot meet the company's existing production and manufacturing capacity. TBM conforms to the national key investment infrastructure construction policy, with high added value and wide market demand. It is applicable to the tunneling of urban subway tunnels, hydraulic tunnels, river crossing tunnels, railway tunnels, highway tunnels, municipal pipelines and other tunnel projects

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