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According to relevant data, the scale of China's medical device market accounts for 14% of the total pharmaceutical market, which is far from the global level of 42%. However, it is for this reason that the investment community believes that there is more room to explore. Moreover, the plan points out that it will focus on supporting 10 to 15 large medical device enterprise groups and 40 to 50 innovative high-tech enterprises, Establish 8 to 10 medical device science and technology industry bases and 10 national innovative medical device product demonstration and application bases. These policies fully define the market prospect of medical devices

according to statistics, in 2012, medical devices were the segment industry most concerned by private equity and venture capital. In terms of the number of investment cases, the number of transactions of medical devices is 2.58 times that of 2011, and the transaction amount is 3 times that of 2011, accounting for 17.51% of the total transaction amount of the medical and health industry from 2.46% in 2011

industry insiders said: even large-scale enterprises that meet the requirements of the CSRC, now apply for listing, and it will take at least 2015 to achieve IPO. Therefore, for many small medical device enterprises, industry experts generally believe that choosing to be merged by listed companies or multinational enterprises can also be considered as a key development path

as we all know, there is still a big gap between China's medical device industry and foreign countries in the overall water based experiment using C language programming. Minimally invasive medicine is one of the few local stars that can compete with foreign giants. Under the situation that 80% of the domestic high-end medical device market is occupied by foreign capital, it has firmly grasped about 70% of the market share of the domestic cardiovascular stent industry. Therefore, enterprises have turned their attention to this aspect

pharmaceutical enterprises should make it clear in the development process that technology is the key factor to seize the market in this industry that attaches great importance to innovation. If you want to make great progress, you must have the courage to face risks and make the right choice in front of the two projects of new risks and stable returns, said Dominik Beckman, global director of marketing and innovation management of Benecke kaliko company, a subsidiary of ContiTech group

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