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The medical equipment industry should advance towards high-end innovation

the demand growth rate of the global medical device market is far higher than the global overall GDP growth rate, and the development speed is very rapid. In China, which has a population of 1.3 billion, there are few reports on the impact of grain size on the expansion of small cracks. With the rapid improvement of economic development and the release of the huge demand for health care, medical device technology, industry and market are facing major development opportunities

from the perspective of technological development trend, the international medical device industry has always been closely focused on the needs of early warning, accurate diagnosis, effective treatment and rehabilitation of human health and medical treatment. Driven by the rapid development of life science, medicine, information technology, new materials and other technologies, the medical device industry presents a rapid, even innovative technological breakthrough and development momentum. With the continuous hot spots of cutting-edge basic research, high efficiency of technology transformation, and a substantial increase in the radiation capacity of the industry, the medical device industry has become a vigorous industry with high technology, high threshold and high added value, and many international giant companies have joined

with the development of China's biomedical engineering industry and the national needs of medical clinic, medical devices and equipment are developing in three directions: inclusive medicine, mobile medicine and precision diagnosis and treatment. Inclusive health is a universal low-cost health care technology aimed at national conditions and serving the majority of the people. The direction of mobile medicine is that medical devices that integrate mobile networks and big data technology can provide convenient and timely health services in real time across space. Precision medicine is the development of sophisticated technology and equipment, more accurate or early access to physiological or disease information, more accurate and efficient, high-quality and high-level health services. A group of enterprises led by Mindray have a solid foundation and many opportunities in Pratt & Whitney medical and mobile medical; In the field of large-scale medical equipment for precise diagnosis and treatment, especially imaging equipment, Lianying has assumed the leading role, which is a favorable condition for China's medical equipment to move towards the high end

facing the future, China's medical equipment industry should adjust its layout in time, optimize the layout of products and innovations with long service life, and advance towards high-end innovation. For example, life information monitoring and big data mobile health: to solve the accuracy of basic parameters, the support of new and advanced parameters, as well as the overall solutions such as connectivity, information system integration and access capabilities, which have fully reached the international leading level. Carry out research and development of health technologies such as remote mobile medical information interaction, personal mobile terminals and supporting remote management systems to meet the different medical needs of communities, families and public health. Develop and improve the technical level of life support supporting products; Clinical medical testing equipment: focus on the target needs of multi parameter, highly sensitive biochemical analyzer, functional blood analyzer, etc., while meeting the speed requirements, focus on improving the accuracy of products and strengthening the level of supporting reagent equipment. Focus on the development of personalized biochemical detection technology, automatic chemiluminescence immunoanalyzer, multi marker tumor marker analyzer, and its supporting reagents, as well as multi-channel flow cytometry and other technologies and products. At the same time, we should pay attention to the technological innovation brought by new materials and other technologies for tissue engineering and minimally invasive interventional therapy products. Mindray and other companies have formed huge advantages in the above fields at both the technical and market levels

in the field of precision medicine, especially in the field of medical imaging diagnosis technology and equipment: medical imaging technology and equipment are the key tools that disease clinics rely on, and they are also the fields involving the most interdisciplinary disciplines, the most complex technical system and the highest technical threshold in medical devices and equipment. China's current medical equipment technology and even the entire medical device industry generally lag behind developed countries for more than 10 years, subject to the limitations and requirements of test conditions and work effectiveness. The rapid development of Mindray, Lianying, Neusoft medical and other enterprises has brought hope to the industry. In the future, we also need to focus on the needs of routine diagnosis and treatment and early and ultra early diagnosis of major diseases in primary health care and large and medium-sized hospitals, and focus on the development of high-performance and inclusive superconducting MRI, multi-functional and special medium and high-end color ultrasound imagers, spiral CT and special CT machines included in the following standards, molecular imaging equipment and other basic equipment urgently needed by the current medical system configuration. Focus on breaking through the core components and systems of the new generation of imaging technology, including: high-sensitivity ultrasonic transducer/high-resolution PET detector based on new materials, high-resolution and high-sensitivity X-ray flat panel detector and other core components

China has taken medical devices as the strategic focus of economic and social development, and included them in the priority development of China's strategic emerging industries together with drugs. The national support for the health industry and the policies to promote medical services will bring new strong impetus to the medical device industry, and a number of excellent industrial enterprises will come to the fore

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