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With the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, more and more medical staff begin to monitor patients' conditions through IOT, collect a large amount of medical data to cloud servers, and use machine learning and other algorithms for batch processing, so as to help doctors find out the cause, analyze the condition and obtain better insights. In addition, the use of data analysis can find early signs of disease, so that patients can take health care and preventive measures in advance, and ultimately reduce the treatment cost to the lowest, and may even prevent the occurrence of disease

behind this intelligent medical model is the strong support of "sophisticated" sensors. From body temperature, respiration, heart rate to blood pressure and blood glucose, various new medical sensors help doctors obtain rich vital characteristic data to meet the needs of medical diagnosis process. At the 79th CMEF medical Expo, te connectivity (TE), a leading enterprise in the field of global connectivity and sensing, showed a variety of sensor technologies and innovative solutions in the medical industry, including patient monitoring and diagnosis, mobile nursing devices and wearable medical devices

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new sensors transform the medical industry

breakthroughs in sensor technology are providing more possibilities for smart medicine. According to the introduction of liaohongyun, regional sales manager of te sensor business unit and head of the medical industry in the Asia Pacific region, te focused on several new products, of which bubble sensor AD-101 is mainly used in infusion pumps Hemodialysis and blood flow monitoring. The product uses the principle of ultrasonic technology to detect bubbles in the liquid with a non-invasive method in this utilization, and can even identify the flow or interruption state of any type of liquid

te bubble sensor ad-101

in addition, another new product is the blood oxygen sensor, which uses photoelectric technology to measure the content of blood oxygen (SpO2). Liaohongyun said that at present, the repeatability market of sensors is decreasing, and users need disposable products more. Therefore, te launched a new packaged product according to the market demand. Originally, it was only a plug-in blood oxygen sensor, but now there are patch products

te blood oxygen sensor and application scheme

with the application of IOT technology and wearable, using wearable devices to monitor human health has gradually become a fashion. This time, te also brought a new sleep monitoring solution, which can monitor parameters such as breathing, heart rate, snoring frequency and turning over during sleep. Te sleep monitoring sensor scheme adopts the technology of piezoelectric film, which detects the human body state through sensitive film devices, and then converts it into sleep index and feeds it back to users

piezoelectric sensors for sleep monitoring

challenges and

when talking about the harsh requirements of the medical industry, liaohongyun said that the sensors used in the medical field should fully consider biological compatibility, such as non-toxic, strong plasticity, low rejection, degradable, etc., and have special requirements for the selection of materials. Te's mission is to provide safe medical detection sensor products from the perspective of human health. Te pays great attention to the quality of products, and is very rigorous in material selection and process

te medical sensor solutions

in addition, medical treatment has high requirements for the volume of sensor products, because some medical products need to be carried by patients, and some involve the application of intervention and implantation. At the same time, it also has high requirements for the accuracy of detection. With years of profound technical accumulation in the sensing industry, te designs and manufactures sensors in strict accordance with specifications to meet the special requirements of the medical industry

in addition, te provides customized products for specific application scenarios, and works closely with customers to develop innovative sensor product solutions. Through a global team and specialized engineering design, we provide technical exchanges and comprehensive after-sales technical support to help customers achieve a more perfect solution

future opportunities of in vitro diagnostic technology

small sensors play an important role in the medical industry, and their future market space is also huge. It is predicted that the global market will increase to 18.5 billion US dollars by 2024. Liaohongyun believes that from the perspective of China's current market, medical equipment is still in the early stage of the market, and most enterprises are making efforts in accessories, because the technical difficulty of equipment is relatively high

in addition, liaohongyun pointed out that the market for health diagnosis will be large in the future, and medical organizations are reducing personal injury through more in vitro diagnosis. For example, the basic diagnosis of human body can be completed by collecting characteristic parameters such as blood pressure and blood oxygen. Therefore, diagnostic products such as blood glucose meters will be a big market

The left and right alignment of the samples in the

group is the combination sensor guaranteed by the fixture

as an innovative enterprise, te has been paying attention to the needs of the medical market. Through the demand survey of hospital institutions or patients, it will launch products and provide customized services. Liaohongyun also said that composite sensors will be a trend in the future. Te has launched composite sensors that can detect a variety of parameters, such as integrating temperature, humidity and pressure, and realizing more functions in a smaller volume to meet the needs of large data acquisition in the future

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