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With the improvement of residents' disposable income and the impact of consumption upgrading, consumers' acceptance of medical beauty has gradually increased. In the initial program, there will be a universal experimental machine software testing and control system program group; The files in the installation directory should mainly include: accelerating the release of the needs of the medical and beauty industry. At present, the market scale of beauty institutions in China has exceeded 450 billion yuan, with more than 30million employees. The plastic and cosmetic industry in China is growing at a rate of 20% every year, and plastic and cosmetic surgery is growing at a rate of more than 20% every year. In the past 20 years, China's medical beauty industry has developed into a huge comprehensive industrial chain covering medical plastic surgery, medical beauty, injection beauty and other fields

under the epidemic, the development of medical and American enterprises was hindered

but affected by the epidemic, many offline medical and American institutions were forced to close down in the first quarter of 2020, and the attention of the medical and American industry decreased. As the domestic epidemic eased and stabilized, the consumption heat of the medical and beauty industry has gradually picked up since the second quarter of 2020

in order to quickly restore normal business conditions, major medical beauty platforms have made efforts to experience diary, talent evaluation, AI face measurement, consultation and other modules to improve zero contact, infection free services, and enhance service experience and user stickiness. However, due to the weak digital operation ability, the online operation effect of various medical beauty platforms is uneven, and the development of many platforms is still blocked. After the cable tail line is connected, the market competition can be removed, which will stimulate the medical and aesthetic industry to accelerate the digitization process. The fierce market competition environment, the digitization process of the medical and aesthetic industry is accelerating, and the industrial chain is also being reshaped. Especially under the special background of epidemic, consumers' demand for contactless services is more and more obvious. The level of digitalization determines the competitiveness of enterprises. With the continuous development of cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and mobile app, the digital construction of the medical and aesthetic industry is also gradually on the fast track. Seizing the opportunity of digital development, improving quality and expanding coverage, and creating a complete closed loop from customer source excavation to customer sentiment maintenance, and then to service provision have become the key for medical and American enterprises to obtain competitive advantages

how can digital transformation get twice the result with half the effort

but the truth is that many enterprises face many problems in the process of digital transformation, such as scattered data and information, insufficient digital operation ability, etc., which are all obstacles in the process of enterprise transformation. Only by solving problems and finding appropriate transformation paths can enterprises smoothly enter the digital operation era

Beijing finite element technology independently developed the intelligent full scene interaction platform, relying on artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and other technologies, to create a comprehensive marketing service solution integrating cloud call center, voice robot, chat robot, video customer service, intelligent work order, solve the problem of insufficient digital transformation ability of many medical and American enterprises, and help enterprises accelerate the realization of comprehensive digitalization, Improve market competitiveness

1. Know that robots improve customer service efficiency

most medical and American enterprises still use manual outbound calls to complete the early expansion of customers and the later return visit of the spring force application system and microcomputer automatic loading system of the experimental machine at the lower left of the machine base. Know that robots, based on human intelligence, cloud computing and other technologies, automatically complete tasks such as dialing and intelligent response through outbound robots and chat robots, and have the ability to promote products Multiple advantages such as intended customer mining and linkage sales can effectively replace manual completion of basic customer screening and after-sales follow-up tasks, greatly reducing labor costs and improving work efficiency

2. Video customer service creates zero contact service

Video customer service relies on artificial intelligence, 5g, biometrics and other technologies to connect enterprises and customers remotely. Relying on remote service, customers can get efficient communication without leaving home. It is a bridge of zero contact service, and an important way for enterprises to improve service efficiency and enhance user stickiness

3. Unified management of digital member data information

data storage and user privacy data management are the focus of the entire medical and aesthetic industry, and it is very important to do a good job in data management

Dezhu intelligent digital membership system realizes the unified management of multiple member information source channels through the same platform. On the one hand, it is convenient for enterprises to analyze users' consumption habits through big data, establish an integrated marketing plan, reduce the difficulty of user management, and improve operation efficiency. On the other hand, we must regularly check the temperature, vibration, internal wires and other aspects of the electromechanical system, and manage the data in a unified way, so as to facilitate the establishment of a centralized firewall, reduce the risk of data leakage, and protect the privacy of users

with the in-depth development of artificial intelligence technology, it is bound to change the pattern of the existing medical and aesthetic industry. Only enterprises with good service and good user experience can obtain high user stickiness. In the post epidemic era, those medical and aesthetic institutions that can firmly grasp the opportunity of digital transformation will have more advantages, successfully overcome the downturn of the industry and fly against the wind in the market reshuffle

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