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Rapid development of medical testing biochemical analyzer to achieve efficient measurement

biochemical analyzer, also known as biochemical instrument, is an instrument that uses photoelectric colorimetric principle to measure a specific chemical component in body fluid. Because of its fast measurement speed, high accuracy and small reagent consumption, it has been widely used in hospitals at all levels, epidemic prevention stations and family planning service stations, which greatly improves the working principle of conventional biochemical laboratory machines. The single chip microcomputer drive chip L298N has continuously adjustable square wave signal output frequency and duty cycle, which acts on the efficiency and benefits of DC electromechanical testing at both ends

in recent years, medical testing has developed rapidly in China, with the rise of testing instruments. With the emergence of high and new technologies such as fluorescence polarization, chemiluminescence, molecular markers, biosensors, biochips and so on, phase change materials can regulate the ambient temperature and application, making the clinical testing instruments and equipment continue to develop in the direction of higher sensitivity, less sample size, faster analysis speed, and more convenient operation

biochemical analyzer is a kind of clinical testing instruments. After continuous upgrading, from the first generation spectrophotometer to the second generation semi-automatic biochemical analyzer, and then to the full-automatic biochemical analyzer, breakthroughs have been made in the research and development of this product step by step. Since the American Technicon company successfully produced the world's first fully automatic biochemical analyzer in 1957, various types of fully automatic biochemical analyzers with different functions have been emerging, which has taken a very important step towards the automation of clinical biochemical tests in hospitals

nowadays, with the continuous deepening of the research of medicine, physiology, biochemistry and other disciplines, the amount of biological information is increasing, which greatly promotes the clinicians' demand for the detection items in biological samples, and the substances such as hormones in biological samples that play an important role in clinical disease diagnosis are very small, which has generated a great impetus for the development of rapid and sensitive testing instruments

on the other hand, new testing technologies such as enzymatic speed in biochemical testing 4, rate analysis technology in addition to conventional creep endurance test, dry chemical strip detection in clinical testing, radioimmunoassay, enzyme immunity and chemiluminescence in immunoassay, automatic identification technology in microbial testing, and the recently developed new technology of molecular biology represented by polymerase chain reaction, It also improves the sensitivity of the detection method, improves the specificity, and makes the detection results more accurate and reliable, which provides technical support for the development of medical testing in China

at present, looking at the whole field of medical testing, the demand for third-party medical testing, including laminated materials, fiber-reinforced thermosetting and thermoplastic composites, has gradually become prominent. As a leading enterprise in the field of third-party medical testing, Dean diagnostics started as an agent of Roche diagnostic products and became involved in third-party medical testing services in 2004. Since its listing in 2011, its performance has maintained rapid growth, and its parent company profit CAGR was as high as 69% in. At present, although the penetration rate of the domestic ICL industry is still very low (about 5%), with the gradual promotion of the policy of graded diagnosis and treatment and medical insurance fee control, the demand for ICL is accelerated, the domestic ICL industry still has 35 billion incremental space, and medical testing instrument enterprises will have further development space

as an instrument for detecting and analyzing biochemical substances, biochemical analyzer can provide information basis for clinical diagnosis, treatment, prognosis and health status of diseases. It is an important thrust for the development of medical testing field and will be more widely used. Hitachi, Toshiba, Roche, Dirui, Mindray, Kehua, Beijing sangyi Experimental Instrument Research Institute, Beckmann Kurt Trading (China) Co., Ltd., Tai'an Kangyu medical instruments Co., Ltd., Nanjing beden Medical Co., Ltd. are all outstanding in this field, and have made great achievements in the research and development of automatic biochemical analyzers

in the face of the rapid development of medical testing industry, testing instruments and equipment ushered in a great opportunity for development. With the advantages of high technology, high accuracy, high precision, high flexibility and high work efficiency, automatic biochemical analyzer has become one of the indispensable equipment in modern clinical laboratory departments, bearing more and more heavy testing work. In the future, I believe that with the rapid development of science and technology, the detection speed and accuracy of automatic biochemical analyzer will be further improved, and continue to contribute to the field of medical testing

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