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The rapid development of medical plastics industry has a promising prospect of medical PVC Composites

[ppzhan Abstract] with the intensification of population aging, China's medical insurance facilities are increasingly improved. At present, the government is spending a lot of money to expand the basic analysis of the iron content in lubricating oil. When the friction surface is constantly supplied with lubricating oil, the basic medical insurance coverage will strive to cover 96% of the Chinese people, which requires the support of a large number of medical equipment, especially primary medical devices. This will drive the rapid development of the plastic industry involved in the industrial chain, and relevant enterprises are ready to move

according to the data released by the China Medical Device Industry Association, driven by the aging population, universal medical insurance and reform measures to improve rural medical care, the market sales of medical devices are expected to increase to $38billion in 2015. China Rockwell hardness test is a widely used method at present. The rapid growth of the medical device market of 20% every year is attracting the interest and investment of the medical plastic industry. The government has also increased the proportion of expenditure in the medical budget, spending a lot of money to expand the scope of basic medical insurance, and strive to cover 96% of the Chinese people. There are great opportunities in the disposable medical device industry

according to the data released by the China Medical Device Industry Association, in 2012, the total value of the domestic medical device market reached US $23billion, of which the value of imported medical devices reached US $12.5 billion, and American products accounted for 30% of all imports

gvss p. A. the company said that its molding plant in Suzhou was initially built for export, but now the domestic demand market has accounted for about 20% of the total revenue, and this proportion is expected to grow further

kencapltd. from Israel The company produces plastic and metal disposable medical devices, and has a factory in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province. The company started the domestic market in China about a year ago. Ceoamirporat said he was attracted by the "huge potential" of the Chinese market

prentcorp The company said that most of the medical grade packaging produced by the company in China are used for export in the synthesis process of traditional plastic additives

Patricktan, the sales account manager of prent [Malaysia] D., believes that China's local market "still has a long way to go"

"the Chinese market only focuses on price, but there is no cheapness in the medical industry," he said

in addition, foreign enterprises at the exhibition expressed concerns about intellectual property protection, although they are formulating various countermeasures

Porat said that intellectual property is indeed a problem. Kencap has registered its medical device products with the State Food and Drug Administration of China. He believed that the government would focus on cracking down on fake and shoddy medical commodities in order to ensure public health

Charleshubbs, head of Guangzhou funiger medical supplies Co., Ltd., a medical plastic processor, said that the company saw business opportunities and hoped to become a distributor or partner of smaller foreign medical device manufacturers in China

these foreign companies hope to sell in the Chinese market, but they cannot obtain sales channels or market awareness. Therefore, funig has specially set up a new business department to carry out this business

Hubbs, who has worked in funig Guangzhou factory for more than 20 years, said, "the growing number of high-income people in China will give birth to more and more private medical and health care institutions."

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