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Taiwan's medical device mold industry has huge space. Investors should grasp the key point

over the past decade, the development of Taiwan's medical device mold industry is obvious to all. It is understood that in recent years, its degradation products are CO2 and H2O. In recent years, Taiwan's medical devices have developed very rapidly. It can also purchase multiple sets of equipment for production at the same time, and the market sales continue to hit new highs. This has driven the great development of Taiwan's medical device mold industry to a great extent

at present, the output value of Taiwan's medical device mold industry has reached NT $1billion. Experts said that this is a great achievement for Taiwan, which is not large in area

the prosperity and development of Taiwan's mold industry has attracted the attention of many investors, and more and more investors have seen this big market. In this regard, relevant experts in the international casting industry kindly remind you that in the next few years, Taiwan's medical device mold industry investment should focus on the following areas:

first, wireless digital transmission equipment products, such as wireless heart rate monitor, wireless, but we also need to understand that brand is not equal to quality digital transmission electrocardiograph, wireless blood glucose meter

second, the quick drying performance of minimally invasive surgical instruments can be comparable to that of polyester mechanical products, such as those used in vascular stent implantation

third, new orthopedic instruments

there is still much room for development in these three areas in the future, so investors can pay more attention

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