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Analysis on the internationalization characteristics and trends of electronic home appliance packaging

although there are various accusations about the development of packaging, the three functions of packaging recognized by the world have become more and more obvious. They are: the centrality of packaging in economic development, the environmental protection of packaging and the technological innovation committed to improving human living conditions. Packaging is a means to solve environmental problems rather than the problem itself. Internationally, global packaging is ushering in a Chinese era. At home, the packaging of electronic appliances in China represents the advanced level of packaging in China. Packaging is not only the quality, performance and cost of packaging products, but also the impact of packaging products on the environment and the consumption of resources. The challenges that seriously restrict the transformation and upgrading of the industry include: low packaging cost, low transportation cost, low damage rate, sustainable packaging and low pollution. Based on the basic requirements of environmental protection, restrictions on the use of packaging materials: prohibited or restricted packaging materials, whether packaging materials containing harmful substances, and whether packaging materials can be recycled. The problems faced by the global packaging industry have always focused on how to effectively control production costs and provide customers with perfect services

the development trend of the electronic home appliance industry and the problems existing in its packaging

the total output value of China's packaging industry has reached more than 1 trillion yuan. The packaging industry has not only effectively supported the growth of the national economy, but also produced a large amount of waste. First, China consumes more than 30 million tons of packaging materials every year, and the resulting packaging waste is about 16million tons, accounting for 25% of the volume and 15% of the weight of all waste in the city, and the annual increase is about 10%; Second, reusable packaging is gradually decreasing in China, and disposable packaging is increasing year by year; Third, the phenomenon of excessive packaging in China is relatively serious, and the unrestricted use of chemicals and heavy metals have often caused environmental pollution. A large number of resources are consumed and discarded, and the impact of packaging on the environment is becoming increasingly serious, which restricts the long-term development of the packaging industry. Therefore, in the early packaging design, China's electronic enterprises should fully consider reducing the packaging volume, quantity and recycling, etc. on the premise of meeting the product circulation, make the optimal design, and take the procurement of green materials as the top priority. The two important principles of renewable and recyclable will undoubtedly make green packaging the mainstream trend of the future supply chain. Promote the standardization of supply chain packaging, create an environment conducive to recycling and sharing, provide technical reserves and technical support, realize the list and roadmap of packaging cost reduction, and optimize and maximize the value chain

China is a big country in the world in the manufacture and export of electronic and household appliances products

with the rapid development of China's electronic information industry, the country takes the electronic information industry as China's pillar and leading industry. In recent years, the comprehensive strength of China's electronic information industry has increased significantly, and the output of computers, and color TVs in consumer electronic products ranks first in the world. The export of electronic household appliances increased year-on-year (1) the overall production of raw materials increased steadily by 14%, accounting for 36% of the total export volume of the country, accounting for about 20% of the total trade volume of the world's electronic household appliances

especially since the 2008 financial crisis, the export orders of the electronic home appliance industry have decreased by about 30%. In the next five years, it is expected that China's electronic home appliance manufacturing industry will still maintain an annual growth rate of 8% to 10%, accounting for 32% to 35% of the global export market, and will remain a major manufacturer and exporter of electronic home appliances in the world. Mobile communications, fixed communications, notebook computers, new color TVs, automotive electronics, etc. will form a hot product market. In 2011, the overall market scale of household appliances in China exceeded 1140 billion yuan. While continuing to maintain steady and rapid development, it has also won new opportunities for the accelerated development of China's packaging industry

the globalization of economy has brought about the internationalization of packaging. At present, non-tariff barriers in international trade are very prominent restrictive measures on China's export products. The two decrees issued by the European Union put forward higher environmental protection requirements for the manufacturing of electrical products, which will speed up the environmental protection process of the global electronic industry, affecting the export volume of about 27billion US dollars of more than 2000 domestic enterprises. The impact of foreign technical barriers to trade on China's exports has involved more than 2/3 of China's export enterprises and more than 1/3 of China's export commodities. According to statistics, nearly 20billion US dollars of export commodities in China are directly or indirectly affected because they cannot meet the packaging requirements of foreign developed countries. Many industrial developed countries' green trade barriers put forward environmental restrictions on commodity packaging through various technical standards, environmental standards, packaging labels and environmental signs, health inspection and quarantine regulations, etc; The toxic and harmful elements contained in the packaging materials and the microbial bacteria that affect the ecology or human health, the organic solvents or heavy metal residues that may migrate to the inner container in the packaging and printing, the recycling and self degradation performance of packaging waste, and the presence or absence of environmental signs. In the 21st century, which advocates green, environmental protection will become the most basic requirement for household appliances to be based on the market. Green packaging conforms to the world trend of green consumption, is conducive to breaking through the international green barriers, and will play a positive role in reducing the damage rate of goods in circulation and improving the quality of packaged products. It will face good development opportunities and huge market space

the concept of reasonable packaging is to make the protection level of packaging and the bearing capacity of products suitable for the logistics environment. In fact, the vast majority of products do not require 100% intact rate during transportation. Considering the relationship between protection performance and cost, what is needed is a moderate damage rate. It is a very difficult job to grasp this moderation. This work requires us to consider two issues: how to realize it technically and whether the cost is reasonable. On the premise of ensuring that the export commodities will not be affected, the packaging cost will be appropriately reduced. Good products need good packaging. Good products and good packaging should sell at a good price. This is the same not only for China, but also for the whole world

international characteristics of electronic home appliance packaging and green packaging

(I) electronic home appliance packaging participates in economic internationalization and international market competition

the packaging industry is a leading industry and a pass to enter the international market. With economic internationalization, packaging must first be integrated. As an international electronic enterprise, in the process of transforming to big industry, economic globalization has brought about the internationalization of packaging. The characteristics of packaging innovation in China's electronic enterprises are: 1 To meet the needs of packaging technical barriers to trade and low-carbon economy; 2. Lightweight packaging and economic rationality of packaging; 3. Replace plastic with paper and wood with paper, and develop composite packaging materials; 4. Integrate packaging standardization, generalization, modularization, standardization and single model competitiveness, so as to abandon traditional processing technology and seek new technology, new thinking and integrated packaging solutions. Reduce the operation cost of the whole product packaging operation, logistics and storage system. The internationalization of the packaging of electronic appliances will not only reduce the procurement cost of packaging by about 10%, but also benefit all nodes in the industrial chain. This packaging concept and implementation is the necessity of the global competition of market economy. Through the application of packaging competitiveness and new technologies, comprehensively promote the reengineering and innovation of packaging, and maximize the value chain. The international characteristics of electronic product packaging are an important node in the next five years, that is, we must accelerate the integration of electronic packaging with the world in technology, packaging mode and packaging quality, and participate in international market competition. At present, for domestic electronic enterprises, no matter how they move forward, packaging reform is imperative

(II) green packaging breaks through international green barriers

green environmental protection conforms to the world trend of green consumption, is conducive to breaking through international green barriers, and will play a positive role in reducing the damage rate of commodities in circulation and improving the quality of packaging products. It will face good development opportunities and huge market space. The core of green packaging is 4r+1d, which is lightweight, reusable, pollution-free, recyclable and self degradable. Reduction, reuse and recycling have become the main line of circular economy. With the progress of science and technology, the environmental protection requirements of packaging products are higher and higher, so all kinds of packaging products are facing the severe challenge of natural environmental protection requirements

looking at the recycling of corrugated boxes around the world, China requires a recyclable recycling rate of more than 70%. It is predicted that the world's recyclable recycling rate will reach 85% by 2015. According to the statistics of the World Packaging Organization, the total size of the world household appliance market in 2009 was 556billion US dollars, of which the paper packaging market was 216billion US dollars. Whirlpool, Electrolux, general electric, mabe, Bosch, etc. in Canada, the United States, Mexico, Brazil and other countries in the north and South American market have all adopted full paper packaging. Turkey (currently the largest household appliance manufacturer) in the European market has also turned to paper packaging. Some brands in the Asian market have launched paper packaging projects; The implementation of the new standard on replacing wax coating with innovative moisture-proof and waterproof new materials formulated by the United States will further improve the recycling rate of corrugated boxes to 85%. In modern international trade, the developed countries' overly strict environmental standards have raised the trade threshold. Technical green trade barriers have become the main obstacle to the export of China's electronic information products, such as electronic products themselves, and the packaging is no exception

(III) green packaging is the only choice for the sustainable development of packaging.

for example, our rib knitting and mesh knitting catheter products specially processed for minimally invasive surgery.

green packaging is a new concept emerging internationally in the late 1980s to solve the problem of coordination between packaging and the environment, also known as pollution-free packaging or environment-friendly packaging. Green packaging key technology platform: packaging modeling structure technology; Green transportation tray design technology; Light weight and high strength corrugated box technology; Foaming, inflatable, transparent and buffer packaging technology; High impact paper honeycomb and pulp molding cushioning packaging technology based on paper architecture. Traditional material packaging will be impacted, environmental protection materials and high energy consumption have received good work results and social impact, and materials will be phased out. The international packaging market continues to develop advanced material technology, and also continues to put forward new topics for domestic packaging enterprises. Through the redesign of packaging and the research and development of new materials, the domestic packaging method of combining self-developed corrugated cardboard with honeycomb cardboard has been used, A successful case of reducing the packaging cost by 20%. Only through the research and development of new products and the use of new materials can we really achieve the purpose of reducing packaging costs

development trend and technological innovation of packaging for modern electronic appliances

(I) challenges faced by packaging and development trend in the next 10 years

in the next 10 years, the development trend of packaging is to provide consumers with more convenient packaging, and the future packaging materials and packaging system will be the trend of total cost reduction. The packaging industry will use lighter materials to reduce shipping costs; Use specially designed components to shorten production time; Develop towards the least material supply; Strive to provide multiple packaging functions. The development trend of packaging materials in China is consistent with that in the world. In the future, in electronic home

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