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Dow's four new achievements of functional plastics were unveiled in Guangzhou. During May, Dow's functional plastics business department will bring its four new achievements to Guangzhou, which are PE self-supporting bags with better recyclability, new extrusion coating resins with better bonding and heat sealing properties, polypropylene toughening modifiers that are said to be the most efficient at present, and polyolefin modified elastomers that are used as PVC substitutes in the field of welding

among them, Dow's recently developed 100% polyethylene (PE) self-supporting bag technology not only has better performance, but also shows better recyclability by increasing e-bag and film recovery system with the existing p experimental force

based on Dow's proprietary insite Technology, the company has recently developed a new extrusion coating resin xus59900.99, which can provide excellent bonding and heat sealing properties in various situations. This resin design can be used alone and can provide excellent performance as a heat seal and/or bonding layer in many types of extrusion coating applications for food and special packaging. The improvement of performance can maintain the quality of packaging products, while reducing materials and production costs

t new generation polypropylene toughening modifier for vehicles from Dow elastomer department is the most efficient 2205 polyolefin impact modifier so far. On the premise of equal usage, t has significantly enhanced impact resistance efficiency, which can bring more excellent impact strength to the formula and maintain its required modulus, so as to adapt to the more rigorous low-temperature impact applications, and can be used to manufacture thinner or more complex parts

Dow elastomer department seeks alternative PVC materials for high frequency welding applications. Modified to fundamentally solve the safety problems of the chemical industry, especially hazardous chemical enterprises, polyolefin elastomers are easy to dye, can be printed, calendered, embossed, and can be welded with polyolefin valve materials in high frequency, so as to produce a variety of inflatable products. It is 25% lighter than PVC material, with ultra-low chemical volatiles and odor, and has superior hand feel in a wide temperature range

the main business units of Dow functional plastics business department, such as packaging and special plastics, elastomers, electric energy and information business, have used rich solutions in each key market segment in the past year, including adhesives and functional materials, agricultural films, durable consumer goods, electric energy and information, food and special packaging, health and medical treatment, industrial and consumer packaging, transportation, etc. The above four new achievements and other market segment solutions can be found at Dow Chemical's booth (10.2c41) at Chinaplas International Rubber and plastic exhibition

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