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Four major policies such as the "eight national policies" have added obstacles to the paint Market

four major policies such as the "eight national policies" have added obstacles to the paint Market

April 20, 2011

[China paint information] data show that the total output of paint in China in 2011 was 9.666 million tons, an increase of 22.8% year-on-year; The total output of architectural coatings was 3.519 million tons, with a year-on-year increase of 23.7%. According to the data, the development of China's coating market is improving, but in fact, the development path of China's coating market is not plain sailing. From the rise in raw material prices, the "eight national policies" to control the real estate market, the central bank raising interest rates to the two sessions setting the expected target of economic growth at about 8%, all add a lot of difficulties to the development of the coating market, but facing a sunrise industry, We can still foresee the prospect that the opportunities in the architectural coatings market will outweigh the risks in 2011

although there are many twists and turns in the development of architectural coatings, a series of market rescue policies issued by the state also provide great opportunities for the development of architectural coatings. For example, 23 new key projects in the western development, with a total investment of 682.2 billion yuan, cover many aspects such as the road, highway, airport construction, etc. in which tieevo will enter the display market, undoubtedly opening up new market space for coating products. With the acceleration of urbanization in China, the construction of emerging industrial zones has promoted the rapid development of China's coating industry in different aspects. As a branch of the coating industry, waterborne coatings will also be driven by this trend and occupy more market share

in 2011, the total output of coatings in China was 9.666 million tons, and the output of water-based coatings was about 4.16 million tons. China's water-based coatings have achieved remarkable results driven by the general trend of coating development. Affected by the sharp rise in crude oil prices in the past two years, the price of solvent products required for oil-based coatings has risen all the way, bringing huge cost pressure to enterprises. At present, there is a high voice for environmental protection in the coating industry, and more and more coating enterprises have begun to transform and take the road of hydration. It has played a boosting role in the development of China's water-based coating industry

nowadays, the demand for water-based coatings in China's market is increasing, and it has become an indispensable auxiliary material in the construction, furniture, automobile and other industries. In addition, with the increasingly strong development of China's coating industry, the water-based coating market is bound to be driven by the overall upward trend of coatings and get a share. In the next five years, the market share of water-based coatings in China may reach about 60%

in addition to the above, waterborne coatings are also widely used in paper coatings, plastic coatings, glass coatings, etc. However, at present, the product technical performance of many coating enterprises is becoming more and more consistent, and it is difficult for enterprises to realize the differentiation strategy. Many enterprises ignore independent technological innovation. However, Stora Enso is lucky to turn waste into packaging materials. 3. Accuracy level of experimental machine: Level 1 is that the development potential of China's coating product market has broken through. The technical force of large-scale membrane assembly and membrane integrated utilization is great, and there is a lot of development space. Enterprises should grasp technological innovation in order to keep their products in the leading position in the industry, improve their competitiveness and increase their economic benefits. With the sustained and rapid growth of China's economy, the massive construction of infrastructure and the gradual enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection, coatings will move towards the road of health, environmental protection and water-based, and the water-based coating industry will usher in a broader development space

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