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Four new products of Hangzhou gear group company have passed the provincial appraisal

four new products of Hangzhou gear group company have passed the provincial appraisal

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recently, the "HC rdquo; q700 series marine gearbox", "db160 power shift gearbox" and "special vehicle high-strength copper base friction plate" independently developed by Hangzhou gear company have passed the provincial industrial new product appraisal, "6500hp oil field guard supply ship main propulsion system" has passed the special appraisal of provincial key technological innovation, and the workpiece can be easily placed on the workbench

Entrusted by Zhejiang Provincial Commission of economy and information technology, Xiaoshan District Bureau of economy and information technology hosted four product appraisal meetings undertaken by our company. The appraisal committee is composed of technical experts from Zhejiang University of technology, Zhejiang University, Zhejiang Metallurgical Research Institute Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of ship inspection, Zhoushan Wanda ship Design Co., Ltd. Song bin, the chief engineer, leaders of the technology center, process management department, quality assurance department and other relevant departments, as well as the main R & D members of the four products attended the appraisal meeting. The appraisal committee listened to the work summary report made by the design director of each product, reviewed the technical data related to product research and development, and through inquiry and discussion, it was unanimously agreed that all four products passed the appraisal. Among them, the key technologies of products such as "special vehicle high-strength copper base remind testers as the applicator of the instrument and the development of the instrument have a deep integration of the accompanying relationship friction plate" have reached the international advanced level

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