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On April 2, 2010, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of finance, the people's Bank of China and the State Administration of Taxation jointly issued the notice on accelerating the implementation of contracted energy management and promoting the development of energy-saving service industry (hereinafter referred to as the opinions), requiring government departments at all levels to strengthen policy support and guidance, actively promote contracted energy management, and accelerate the implementation of new energy-saving technologies The promotion and application of new products will promote the development of energy-saving service industry and continuously improve energy efficiency

according to the plan of the opinions, by 2012, support and cultivate a number of professional energy-saving service companies, develop and expand a number of comprehensive large-scale energy-saving service companies, and establish a vibrant, distinctive, standardized and orderly energy-saving service market. By 2015, a relatively perfect energy-saving service system will be established, professional energy-saving service companies will be further expanded, service capabilities will be further enhanced, and service areas will be further expanded. Contracted energy management has become one of the main ways for energy users to implement energy-saving transformation

it is understood that contracted energy management is a service mechanism widely implemented in developed countries that uses market means to promote energy conservation. Energy saving service companies sign energy management contracts with users, provide users with energy-saving diagnosis, financing, transformation and other services, and recover investment and obtain reasonable profits in the way of energy-saving benefit sharing, which can greatly reduce the capital and technical risks of energy-saving transformation of energy-saving units, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of energy-saving transformation of energy-saving units, which is an effective energy-saving measure

in 1998, with the support of the world bank and the global environment facility, China introduced the contract energy management mechanism for the first time through the implementation of the China energy conservation promotion project, and set up three exemplary energy conservation service companies in Beijing, Shandong and Liaoning respectively. Over the past decade, energy-saving service companies that have adopted the contract energy management mechanism have continued to develop. Especially since the eleventh five year plan, with the introduction of a series of policies and measures to promote energy conservation, the energy-saving service industry has developed rapidly

the relevant person in charge of the national development and Reform Commission said: in 2009, there were about 502 energy-saving service companies nationwide, implementing more than 4000 energy-saving projects, with a total investment of 28billion yuan, a total output value of more than 58 billion yuan, and an annual energy-saving capacity of 13.5 million tons of standard coal. The number of employees in the energy-saving service industry increased from 65000 at the end of 2008 to 113000, an increase of 74%

however, China's contracted energy management has not been paid enough attention. There are still prominent problems in the energy-saving service industry, such as few fiscal and tax support policies, financing difficulties, small scale and non-standard development, which are difficult to meet the needs of the development of the energy-saving work situation

the fields covered include transportation, aviation, home construction, textiles, etc. in order to improve and promote the development of energy-saving service industry, 5. Data and curves are dynamically displayed with the experimental process; The opinions put forward four incentive policies

first, bring the contracted energy management projects into the scope of investment in the central budget and the special fund support for energy conservation and emission reduction of the central government, and give financial subsidies or rewards to the energy-saving transformation projects implemented by energy-saving service companies using the contracted energy management method if they meet the relevant provisions. Where conditions permit, certain funds should also be allocated to support and guide the development of energy-saving service industry

second, on the premise of strengthening tax collection and management, appropriate tax support policies should be adopted for the energy-saving service industry. For example, the taxable business tax income obtained from the implementation of the contracted energy management project by the energy conservation service company is temporarily exempted from business tax, and the assets formed by the implementation of the contracted energy management project transferred to the energy using unit free of charge are exempted from value-added tax; The reasonable expenses actually paid by the energy using enterprise to the energy-saving service company according to the energy management contract can be deducted when calculating the taxable income of the current period, and the service fee and asset price are no longer distinguished for tax treatment; After the expiration of the energy management contract, the assets formed by the implementation of the contracted energy management project transferred by the energy conservation service company to the energy using enterprise shall be subject to tax treatment as the assets with the expiration of depreciation or amortization

third, improve relevant accounting systems. Government agencies at all levels implement energy-saving transformation in the way of contract energy management, and the expenditure paid to energy-saving service companies in accordance with the contract is regarded as energy expenses

four is to enter one. 4) limitation of beam movement: ≥ 300mm; Step by step to improve financial services. Banks and other financial institutions are encouraged to innovate the technology selection of environmental stiffness testing machine for credit products, expand the scope of collateral, simplify the application and approval procedures, and provide financial services such as project financing and factoring for energy-saving service companies according to the financing needs of energy-saving service companies

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