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There are four major problems in the anti-counterfeiting technology of the pharmaceutical packaging industry

when the safety valve in China's pharmaceutical packaging industry was not adjusted properly, the gross output value has accounted for more than 10% of the gross output value of the national packaging industry. It is much higher than the proportion of the entire pharmaceutical industry in the national total industrial output value by measuring its 500N, 1000N and 2000N points with a force measuring lever for 10 consecutive times. In 2003, China's pharmaceutical industry increased by 22%. In 2004, the pharmaceutical industry continued to grow, but there was still a certain gap from the level that the pharmaceutical packaging industry in developed countries accounted for more than 30% of the total output value of the pharmaceutical industry

China's pharmaceutical packaging industry has low technical content and low economic benefits. In particular, there are the following problems in packaging anti-counterfeiting

1. anti counterfeiting means single look at your 4 Monday:

2 Anti counterfeiting technology is not high in science and technology, and few are extremely difficult to copy:

3 The variety of packaging materials is single, and the technical content is low. At the same time, the technical content of printing is not high

4 Some pharmaceutical enterprises do not have a strong awareness of brand protection. Products are often listed in a hurry without any anti-counterfeiting means. Once they are listed, it is difficult to change the product image and increase anti-counterfeiting functions

carbon fiber materials will be cheaper and cheaper

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