Four new elements of the hottest packaging bottle

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Four new elements of packaging bottle design

a double sided printing - extend your label. If your product is transparent liquid and is packed in transparent bottles, then there is a way to give you more packaging design space. Take the S-type sensor as an example, and the cost is very low. I mean, you can print something on the back of the label. Of course, regular information can't be put on the back of the label, but you can print some content, such as debates, stories about the company, or suggestions for better use of products. This is a very simple method, which can give your customers more information without damaging the image of the packaging

b design packaging according to the characteristics of the customer base. Unilever's axe series products have a very clear positioning - young people aged between 18 and 35. Therefore, their packaging design focuses on attracting these people. The packaging bottle of axe show gel is a thick mold that can be inched; The pressed black plastic container, with a rough appearance, is very popular with these young people. It is as simple as installing lubricating oil in the shower gel

c design reusable packaging small beverage market has matured, and the competition is extremely fierce. If you think that there is nothing new about 120 ° here, you are wrong. POM tea launched a special package. Its products are very special - especially the tea with pomegranate juice. The packaging is even more worth mentioning: the drink is packed in a commonly used long strip of glass, with a lid and a heat shrinkable label on it, which reads: remove the label and leave the bottle. The product costs about $2.79 a bottle, which is not expensive for bottled tea, but you can get a free glass bottle without worrying about recycling

d designing interesting packaging is not only the patent of children, but also adults like interesting things. The mainstream design styles that occupy the packaging of children's products, such as bright colors and different general shapes, can also be used in the packaging design of adult products, only more delicate. The first industry that integrates interesting elements into packaging design is the wine industry. As long as you spend some time browsing the local small shops, you can find that many wine bottle labels are printed with horses, penguins, kangaroos, frogs, swans and so on. There is no need to prepare a penguin shaped bottle. Just printing a penguin on it is enough to make it eye-catching

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