Four major problems in grain packaging in China

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There are four major problems in grain packaging in China

with the increasing variety of grain and food, some illegal operators have played a "trick" on food packaging, harming consumers. According to the market survey of relevant people, there are four major problems in grain and food packaging at present

I. a small amount of short scales, and the packaging acts as the "net weight". Such problems exist in grain and non-staple food of grain processing. For example, consumers often buy rice and flour. The net weight indicated on the packaging bag and the actual weight, including the packaging, are not enough, and some are just flat scales. In addition, the operators of pastry foods such as biscuits and egg rolls do not deduct the weight of paper packaging when weighing, which is an obvious infringement on consumers. 2、 Steal the beam and replace the pillar, and substitute the inferior for the good. Some business operators use inferior packaging, such as putting low-quality rice, flour, etc. into packaging bags marked with the highest quality or even famous brand products, to deceive and harm consumers. 3、 The mark is not clear. In order to reduce losses, some producers and operators altered the production date on the package, or ambiguous, or unclear, or arbitrarily extended the shelf life. Some do not even indicate the date of production, and are sold by operators with the date of production and shelf life. This domestic enterprise has made considerable technological progress, and the problems are mainly manifested in the non-staple food products of grain processing. Some operators altered the expired food packaging by digging, pasting, reprinting and other means, damaging the vital interests of consumers. 4、 The secondary packaging is seriously polluted. This is mainly reflected in the second need for food and products in some supermarkets. Because it is biodegradable, it means that in the calculation of elongation. 2. Select the clip arc radius r times of packaging according to the wire diameter in the parameter table. According to the report, not long ago, the industry and commerce, health and other departments in Lanzhou, Gansu Province, found that most supermarkets randomly repackaged the purchased non-staple food and food, resulting in food pollution, bacteria exceeding the standard, quality decline, and endangering the physical and mental health of consumers

source: China Packaging News

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